Eco-Innovators: Bismarck’s Leading Energy Firms Powering Future Technologies

Futurology embarks on a special feature today, focusing on the heart of North Dakota, United States – the city of Bismarck. Esteemed for its prosperity and energy, this city is home to a cluster of industry giants meticulously propelling the wheels of Energy Sector, persistently similar to the very substratum the business is built upon. From long-standing energy titans to groundbreaking renewable companies, Bismarck shows the future that an energy industry could be — sustainable, innovative, and diverse. This article begins an exploration series into the past, present, and future of these organizations.

MDU Resources

Founded by Rolland Heskett in 1924 as a modest electric utility, MDU Resources transformed into a multibillion-dollar corporation developing core line services. MDU Resources is the largest publicly traded company headquartered in North Dakota, known for its operations and customers spanning across 48 states. Visit them on their various social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Basin Electric

Basin Electric specializes in the generation and transmission of bulk electric power across nine states. Their largest subsidiary, Dakota Gasification Company, operates the Great Plains Synfuels Plant dedicated to lignite coal gasification and geologic CO2 sequestration. Follow Basin Electric on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to know more.

Rainbow Energy

Rainbow Energy has been a consistent player in the Energy industry. Stay updated on their activities on their Facebook page, and follow their Twitter page.

Bakken Energy

Co-founded by Curt Launer, Shane Goettle, and Steve Lebow, Bakken Energy is a company entrenched in the Clean Energy Industry. Follow their updates on their LinkedIn profile.

MDU Construction Services Group

MDU Construction Services Group offers a range of construction solutions. Check their profile here.

Bilfinger Tepsco Inc

Bilfinger Tepsco Inc adds value to the energy industry, particularly in Renewable Energy.

Capital Electric Cooperative

Capital Electric Cooperative provides electric distribution services. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

DTC Energy

DTC Energy operates in the consulting, Energy, and Oil and Gas sectors. View their presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

WBI Energy

WBI Energy operates in the energy management field. Follow them on Facebook and view their LinkedIn profile.

BNI Coal

BNI Coal LTD, subsidiary of BNI Energy Inc, prioritizes lignite energy resource development. They are featured on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Dakota Gasification

Dakota Gasification is involved in energy and waste management sectors. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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