Vaughan, Ontario: Hub of Innovative Energy Tech Companies Exploration’

The City of Vaughan, located in Ontario, Canada, is currently home to some of the most innovative and groundbreaking companies in the energy sector. Influential industry pioneers have chosen to set up their headquarters in this progressive city, aligning with Vaughan’s strategic location, dedication to sustainability, and economic development initiatives. Together, these dynamic companies are revolutionizing the energy landscape within Canada and across the globe with their advancements in manufacturing, solar, biomass energy, oil and gas, and energy management. Below, we delve into several of these distinguished companies and their contributions to the field of energy.

6N Silicon

Founded by Scott Nichol in 2006, 6N Silicon is a significant player in the energy, manufacturing, and solar industries. The company develops a process for purifying metallurgical grade silicon into solar grade silicon using metallurgical processing, providing a unique approach to the production of solar grade silicon for the photovoltaic industry. Currently, 6N Silicon is a wholly owned subsidiary of CaliSolar, Inc.

Blendtech, A Division Of Pt Industrial Electric

Blendtech is noted for its expertise in the design, engineering, implementation and support of custom process solutions and bulk product handling. The company operates within the biomass energy, energy, and the oil and gas sectors. Get to know them better through their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Jointly owned by the municipalities of Barrie, Markham, and Vaughan, PowerStream is committed to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient services to its customers. The company operates within the energy management, power grid, and renewable energy markets. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Guide Valve

Operating in the biomass energy, energy, and oil and gas sectors, Guide Valve continually excels in its field. Discover their work via their LinkedIn page.

GraniteFuel Engineering

GraniteFuel Engineering is an industry leader in biomass energy, industrial engineering, industrial manufacturing, and oil and gas. Follow their latest updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Cricket Energy Holdings

Specializing in rental water heaters, home heating, ventilation, HVAC and air conditioning systems, Cricket Energy Holdings is a key player in the consumer and energy efficiency sectors. Keep up with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


SustainCo Inc. invests in game-changing companies focused on sustainability, energy efficiency, water resources, and building performance management. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Hisel Power Corporation

The Hisel Power Corporation operates in the biomass energy, energy, and renewable energy sectors. Check out their endeavors on Facebook and LinkedIn.

VCI Controls

Renowned for its services in the cleantech, energy efficiency, and energy management sectors, VCI Controls excels in its industry. Stay connected with them via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Universal PropTech

Universal PropTech is a revolutionary company operating in the cleantech, energy management, and renewable energy domains. Follow their innovations on Twitter and LinkedIn.

FVB Energy

FVB Energy is a globally-renowned consulting firm specializing in district energy. Connect with their specialists via Twitter and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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