Exploring Marietta: Pioneering Energy Firms Reshaping Georgia’s Tech Landscape

In the thriving heart of Marietta, Georgia, a host of progressive companies are spearheading the advancement of global energy industry. With a dedication to research, innovation, and development, these companies are leading the charge toward a sustainable, energy-efficient future. Marietta’s deep-rooted commitment to the energy sector is inarguably contributing to the forward momentum of this crucial industry. Ranging from renewable energy solutions to complex energy management, these entities are transforming the way we produce, distribute, and consume power.

From renewable energy powerhouses to energy consulting maestros, Marietta’s landscape is ripe with technologically forward entities. This vibrant collection encapsulates businesses focused on specific solutions like solar energy, energy efficiency and management, to broader concepts such as electrical distribution and information technology services. The real take-home is the diversity displayed in their focus, expertise, and vision, which lends Marietta its rich and variegated energy landscape.

Following is a comprehensive insight into some significant companies working assiduously to ‘power’ our tomorrow, right here in Marietta, Georgia.

Cobb EMC

As a leading figure in the electrical distribution scene, Cobb EMC also has a strong footing in renewable energy and sustainability realms. This broad-spectrum entity aims at equipping the energy industry with more sustainable, cleaner, and efficient solutions. Follow Cobb EMC on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for updates on their ventures.

PIC Energy Group

PIC Energy Group merges the realms of energy with information technology, providing services akin to a staffing agency. Their focus on renewable energy underscores their commitment to a sustainable future. For more information, follow their Twitter handle and stay tuned for their updates on LinkedIn.

Renewable Energy Equipment Leasing “REEL”

Demonstrating a robust commitment to renewable energy, particularly solar power, REEL provides tailored solutions for energy utilization. Stay connected with their green initiatives on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

GDS Associates

A multifaceted association excelling at consulting and governmental advisory roles, GDS Associates are critical contributors to energy and renewable energy industry. Follow their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates on their contributions.

Blue Ridge Technologies

Blue Ridge Technologies integrates electronics with energy management. Founded by Prasad Erabelli, Vince Dees, and William Dunkleberger, they also distribute scanning equipment. Join them on their journey by following their LinkedIn page.

Energy Integrated Solutions

Energy Integrated Solutions devises strategies to ensure optimized energy savings. They specialize in ongoing measurement and verification services. Stay updated through their LinkedIn page.


specializing in manufacturing laundry wash water recycling systems, AquaRecycle is an embodiment of innovation for cleaner energy use. Stay connected via their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Unique Cleaning Service

Unique Cleaning Service dedicates tailored cleaning services for maintaining clean energy facilities, keeping the process free from bottlenecks.


Fireside, founded by Mike Davis, is an energy company that provides natural gas to homeowners, businesses, and industries. Follow Fireside on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay updated on their initiatives.

Sunshine Solar

Sunshine Solar uses dual-slope laser technology for accurate foundation installation for solar fields. Stay connected with Sunshine Solar on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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