Trailblazing Knoxville Environmental Engineering Firms Shaping Sustainable Future Technologies

Knoxville, Tennessee, home to a diverse range of companies operating in the environmental engineering industry, is establishing itself as a key hub for sustainable innovation in the United States. These companies are harnessing the power of technology to tackle environmental challenges, innovating across disciplines like clean energy, landscaping, consulting, compliance, and more. The following is a review of these revolutionary organizations, their founders and their contributions to the industry.

Thrive Lot

Thrive Lot, operating in the realm of Environmental Engineering, Landscaping, and Organic Food, was founded by Daniel Hodge, Justin West, and Katherine Butkevich. This company embodies sustainability with its innovative focus on eco-friendly practices. Connect with them via their social media platforms – Facebook and LinkedIn.

Holocene Climate

Working on the forefront of the Clean Energy, CleanTech, and Environmental Engineering industries is Holocene Climate. Their groundbreaking initiatives contribute significantly to sustainable developments. Stay updated on their work through their LinkedIn page.

Shelton Group

Bridging energy, marketing, and sustainability, Shelton Group is affecting change in the realm of Advertising and Environmental Engineering through innovative solutions. Follow their footsteps on theirLinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook platforms.

Vrhabilis, LLC

On the crossroads of Employment, Environmental Engineering, and Professional Services resides Vrhabilis, LLC. Founded by Elliott Adler, the company offers diverse services. Keep track of them throughTwitter and LinkedIn.

Quantum Environmental & Engineering Services

Quantum Environmental & Engineering Services, a company vested in Civil Engineering and Professional Services, conscientiously works towards a greener future. Connect with them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Focus Environmental

Focus Environmental is paving the way to responsible ecosystem management with their expertise in Compliance, Consulting, and Environmental Engineering. Offering permitting, testing, remediation, and other regulatory compliance services across industries. Find out more through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Tennessee Clean Water Network

The Tennessee Clean Water Network is a leading non-profit organization exercising the right to clean water and healthy communities. They provide a channel for organizations and individuals to ensure the protection of waters. Engage further by visiting their website.


Delta-21, located in Knoxville, has been contributing significantly to the Environmental Engineering industry. Connect with them through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Domermuth Environmental Services

Domermuth Environmental Services specializes in Consulting, Environmental Consulting and Environmental Engineering. Their work ethic and innovation contributions make them a noteworthy addition to this burgeoning sector. Stay connected through their Facebook network.

Construction Materials Laboratory

The Construction Materials Laboratory provides commendable services in construction, environmental engineering, and quality assurance. Stay in touch with their innovations via Facebook and LinkedIn.


Last but not least, Loginetics stands at the intersection of Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, and Water. The company has been making impressive strides in their respective sectors, contributing significantly to the sustainable landscape of Knoxville.

These are just a sampling of the companies in Knoxville that are making substantial contributions to the realm of environmental engineering and broader sustainability initiatives. Their innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and relentless drive towards sustainability are propelling Knoxville and its industries towards a greener future.

Written by Mark Smith

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