Revolutionary Moscow-Based Companies Pioneering in Environmental Engineering Innovations


The city of Moscow, renowned for its rich history and impressive architecture, is also home to numerous companies that have made significant contributions to the field of environmental engineering. With a strong focus on sustainable and green technologies, these companies strive for a more eco-friendly future, leveraging modern tools and techniques to minimize environmental impact. This article presents a list of companies operating in the burgeoning environmental engineering sector in Moscow, shedding light on their activities and contributions to environmental conservation.

These companies are not just confined to Moscow but have a presence on a global level. Despite the diverse areas of specialization, a common thread running through all these organizations is an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. They are true flagbearers of green technologies, using cutting-edge techniques to transform how industries operate, making them more efficient and less harmful to our planet.

Through this article, we aim to introduce you to these companies and provide a glimpse of their operations. Taking each company individually, we will delve into their backgrounds, present a short overview of what they do and their stand on environmental conservation, besides giving you their online links.

Salym Petroleum Development

Salym Petroleum Development operates in multiple sectors including autonomous vehicles, construction, energy, and oil and gas, aside from environmental engineering itself. The company has made significant strides in promoting efficiency and sustainability in these industries. More information can be found on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Another company working in the field of environmental engineering, Geoplat, also focuses on energy, machine learning, oil and gas, and software. They especially use machine learning algorithms to minimize the environmental impact of operations in the oil and gas sector. Their progress can be tracked on their LinkedIn page.


Concentrated on environmental engineering, recycling, and waste management, Proshop works with a range of trade objects, caterers, industrial and other enterprises, providing them with technological equipment for waste sorting and recycling.


Ecosilico, a startup based in Moscow, is leading the way in the recycling industry with innovative technology for recycling silicon from end-of-life PV panels. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Eco Slag

A player in the fields of environmental engineering, manufacturing, and waste management, Eco Slag is making remarkable strides in transforming these industries towards improved environmental performance.

OAK Eco Technologies Inc.

OAK Eco Technologies Inc. aims to revolutionize waste management with an automatic waste sorting, recycling, and 3D printing device, striving to create a worldwide system of local waste recycling.

Vertical Healing Gardens

Linked to environmental engineering, GreenTech, and home, and garden sectors, Vertical Healing Gardens is a firm committed to the creation of more sustainable and eco-friendly urban spaces.


PetroBOOST, part of the industrial and environmental engineering sectors, is reshaping these industries through its innovative solutions geared toward minimizing negative environmental impact.

Engineering + Electronics

Engineering + Electronics bridges the gap between environmental engineering and industrial machinery with its sustainable manufacturing strategies that challenge conventional norms.

Glav Diagnostika

Glav Diagnostika is redefining mobility with its environmental engineering solutions that minimize environmental impact, making a valuable contribution to the cause of sustainability.


EnergoProfit is another important player operating across environmental engineering, energy, and AgTech sectors, demonstrating a serious commitment to sustainability and green technologies.

These Moscow-based companies are not just contributing to the local community but are making a difference on the global stage, proving that the city is steadily emerging as a hub of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. The innovations created by these companies are not only protecting the environment but are also improving the quality of life for citizens of Moscow and beyond.


Written by Mark Smith

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