Toronto’s Quantum Computing Pioneers: A Futurology Exploration of Key Players

The Quantum Computing industry, once considered a mere hyperbole of science fiction, is now promising to be a reality. Toronto, Ontario, Canada has become a hotbed for Quantum Computing companies to emerge and thrive. This article is part of a series of highlights on such companies, providing a bio for each one, including their founders, descriptions, and their main operating industries.

In the span of less than a decade, Toronto has managed to incubate a plethora of companies leading the Quantum revolution, ranging from Hardware and Software to Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. These companies are exploiting the massive computational potential of quantum computers to solve complex problems that classical computers cannot handle, aiming to revolutionize industries like healthcare, finance, energy, and many more.

This article will give you an insight into the exciting world of Quantum Computing in Toronto. Let’s explore these companies and understand their unique approach to harnessing quantum power.


Xanadu was established in 2016 by Christian Weedbrook. Xanadu operates in the fields of Big Data, Hardware, Quantum Computing, and Software. Their ultimate goal is to provide quantum on demand, aimed at servicing significant computational improvements over classical methods to solve extraordinary challenges. You can also find Xanadu on LinkedIn and follow them on Twitter @xanaduai.


Agnostiq is an eclectic team of physicists, software engineers, and mathematicians, founded by Edwin Tham, Elliot MacGowan, and Oktay Goktas. They’re propelling Quantum Computing and Software development forward, with the aim of establishing practical use-cases for technically advanced technologies. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Phaseshift Technologies

Founded by Abu Anand, Fazal Mahmood, and Gurjot Singh Dhaliwal, Phaseshift Technologies operates in the intersection of Advanced Materials, Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology, Machine Learning, and Quantum Computing. Phaseshift’s mission is to amplify industry performance and efficiency through their AI and Quantum Chemistry simulations. Stay updated with Phaseshift on LinkedIn and Twitter via @phaseshiftt.

Qindom Inc.

Founded in January 2018, Qindom is a premier Quantum Intelligence solution and application provider, aiming to break through the bottlenecks of AI. Qindom is driven by a team of experts and scientists from a diverse array of backgrounds, passionate about changing the AI world with quantum computing technologies. You can follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn.


Firebird, co-founded by Alexander Somjen, Colin J.E. Lupton, Jonathan Holtby, and Stephen Lee, is pioneering in the field of quantum machine learning. Their aim is to create software that makes machine learning possible on advanced computer hardware.


Resonance operates across three high growth tech platforms, including Quantum Technology. They offer media, market intelligence and strategic consulting solutions to their enterprise clients. Connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn or follow them via their Twitter Handle @QuantumDaily.


Founded by Jennifer Shelton and Mohammadreza Rezaee, AuroraQ specializes in developing standardized and modular quantum components that seamlessly integrate with quantum processor technologies. Join their corporate journey on LinkedIn.

CogniFrame Inc

Founded by Visweswaran Vish R, CogniFrame Inc introduced the world to the first plug and play aggregator quantum app store. The company operates in the realm of Information Technology, Quantum Computing, and Software. To connect with them, visit their LinkedIn page.


Boxcat, founded by Bryce Hunter and Ystallonne Alves, focuses on leveraging quantum computing for rendering operations in the picture and video industry. Keep up with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @boxcatinc.

Dash Intelligence, Inc

Founded by Romeo Patrick Ira and based in Downtown Toronto, CA, Dash Intelligence, Inc leverages Big Data, Machine Learning, and Quantum computing infrastructure to bring truly singular AI systems to life. Stay updated with Dash Intelligence on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @thedashdotgroup.

Black Brane Systems

Founded by Colin J.E. Lupton, Black Brane Systems is a quantum edge-computing company. Black Brane provides quantum machine learning, AI, quantum algorithms, quantum software, and cloud quantum computing services. You can connect with Black Brane Systems on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @blackbranesys.

These companies are shaping the future of quantum computing, each with a unique approach and a common objective- to revolutionize the industry. Keep an eye on them as they steer us towards the era of Quantum Supremacy.

Written by Mark Smith

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