Quantum Computing Powerhouse: Innovations From New York’s Pioneering Firms

The Quantum Computing industry, particularly in New York, is rapidly evolving. As Quantum Computing promises to revolutionize industries such as Cyber Security, Information Technology, and Telecommunications, several companies based in New York are leading the charge. This article will look at a few prominent companies making significant strides in Quantum Computing.

These companies are harnessing Quantum Computing in diverse sectors including Hardware and Telecommunications, Energy and Oil & Gas, Funding Platforms and Non-Profit organizations, Cloud Data Services, Electronics and SaaS, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, and Life Science. Some are university spin-offs dedicated to advancing Quantum Computing research, while others aim to solve real-world commercial problems using Quantum Computing applications.

Below are brief introductions of each company, including their founders, area of focus, and how they are positioning themselves in the Quantum Computing niche. Each company name is linked to their respective websites for readers who wish to delve deeper into the unique offerings of each company.


Founded by Mael Flament and Mehdi Namazi, Qunnect is a cutting-edge venture stemming from the Quantum Information Technology group at Stony Brook University. The company concentrates on developing unique quantum devices that enable future information networks and quantum computing. Their work is primarily based on using photons to communicate and atoms to store and process quantum information. Follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter (@qunnectinc).


EeroQ, co-founded by Faye Wattleton, Johannes Pollanen, and Nicholas Farina, is a company that creates quantum computer (QC) chips with the aim to contribute to the ethical and policy guidelines for QC’s positive impact. Their patented core is developed in partnership with Michigan State University. Stay informed with their latest developments through their LinkedIn profile and Twitter handle (@qchardware).

Cortex Fusion Systems

Cortex Fusion Systems applies advances in ultrafast optics and coherent control to catalyze fusion reactions in the condensed matter phase. This model allows the integration of fusion power with the electrical grid on a large scale, expedited and modular fashion. Stay connected with them on their LinkedIn page.

UNICEF Innovation Fund

Under the leadership of Chris Fabian, the UNICEF Innovation Fund serves as a pooled funding channel designed to finance early-stage, open-source tech that benefits children. They seek to shape markets and guide technologies to positively impact children’s lives. Follow them on their Facebook page and via Twitter (@UNICEFinnovate).


Christine Johnson and Marko Djukic founded Ingenii as a data engineering platform that offers data and quantum engineering tools and templates. This end-to-end in-house solution is built to fit the needs of any business. Stay up-to-date with their progress via their LinkedIn page.

Next Generation Quantum

Founded by German Kolmakov and Shaina Raklyar, Next Generation Quantum Corp (NGQ) is a pioneering university spin-off working at the frontier of the industry. NGQ combines proprietary hard- and software to interconnect multiple quantum computers, creating super quantum computer clusters that harness the true power of quantum algorithms. Follow them on Twitter (@next_quantum).


KeySupreme is a cybersecurity company with Marc Raphael at its helm. Their authentication-as-a-service provides privacy, security, and convenience for enterprises, employees, and customers. The company developed a patented technology called Shared Intelligence, set to become the world’s first quantum-resistant cryptography. Stay in touch with their endeavors through LinkedIn and via Twitter (@keysupreme).

Written by Mark Smith

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