Tel Aviv Innovators Leading the Augmented Reality Technology Revolution Globally.

A captivating wave of innovation is sweeping across the world with the rise of Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. A pioneer in this transformative trend is Tel Aviv, a hub of technology, brimming with burgeoning AR companies that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. In this series, we spotlight the game-changing AR companies headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. We delve into their unique vision, offerings, dynamic founders, and the revolutionary solutions they offer across diverse industries from retail to real estate, and broadcasting to brand marketing.

These companies combine cutting-edge technologies encompassing machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), geospatial technology, 3D visualizations, cloud platforms, and software applications to launch trailblazing AR applications. Let’s explore how these Tel Aviv-based firms are defining the modern reality of the business landscape, and truly making the future come alive in the now.


At the heart of the AI, AR, and machine learning revolution stands Hailo. Founded by a visionary trio – Avi Baum, Hadar Zeitlin, and Orr Danon, Hailo is a deep learning company propelling AI to the edge. They develop a breakthrough deep learning microprocessor that delivers data center performance to edge devices, enabling these devices to process data themselves rather than sending it to remote processing centers. Hailo’s state-of-the-art architecture accelerates computation of deep neural networks, driving a radical shift in computer processing paradigms. Check out Hailo on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Multinarity, a cutting-edge startup in the realm of Mixed Reality (MR), is redefining the AR space. Co-founded by Tamir Berliner and Tomer Kahan, the company is pushing the boundaries of interactive AR technology. Follow Multinarity on LinkedIn.


Focusing on the retail technology and IoT industry, Oriient is an AR innovator. Created by Amiram Frish and Mickey Balter, Oriient provides accurate indoor positioning to any application, eliminating the need to install anything inside buildings. The company powers smart retail, smart buildings, IoT, and AR applications, integrating seamlessly into the modern, connected world. Oriient can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Straddling AR, software, and media and entertainment sectors, insoundz is pioneering audio innovation. Co-founded by Emil Winebrand, Guy Etgar, and Tomer Goshen, the firm reinvents how sound is captured, produced, and experienced. Leveraging AI and signal processing, insoundz enables real-time audio capture and separation, delivering immersive audio experiences. Follow insoundz on LinkedIn.

Leading the progressive wave in the retail and geospatial industry is Founded by Eitan Chamberlin, the company offers a unique 3D ‘smart’ location service using AR. Their proprietary geospatial technology enables users to engage and interact with a wide gamut of location-based content. Catch-up on the latest from on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Written by Mark Smith

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