Exploring Tokyo’s Pioneering Giants in Augmented Reality Technology Industry

This article is part of a series that highlights standout companies operating in the fast-moving and increasingly vital Augmented Reality (AR) industry, with a particular focus on those headquartered in one of the world’s leading technological hubs – Tokyo, Japan. From inventive gaming studios to promising AR hardware developers, the range of companies trailblazing ahead in the AR space is as diverse as the applications of AR technology itself. In this feature, we’ll explore a select group of these innovative businesses.


Founded by Aleksandr Borisov, Luis Oscar Ramirez Solorzano, and Takeo Yatabe, Mawari, Inc. is a pioneer in the sectors of Augmented Reality, Internet, and Virtual Reality. Mawari provides an AR-focused streaming SDK that renders 3D content in the cloud and delivers it efficiently to devices, thanks to their unique patent-pending compression technology. Learn more about Mawari on their LinkedIn page or stay updated by following them on Twitter at @mawarijp.


A brainchild of Hironao Kunimitsu, Masaru Ohnogi, Satoshi Ban, and Takafumi Inagawa, Thirdverse operates in the sectors of Augmented Reality, Console Games, Gaming, Video Games, and Virtual Reality. The company integrates blockchain technology with virtual reality gaming to engage customers in a seamless gameplay experience in a virtual environment. Discover more about Thirdverse on their LinkedIn page or follow them on Facebook at Thirdverse.

Sony Innovation Fund

Sony Innovation Fund serves as the corporate venture capital arm of Sony. Founded in 2016, it plays an active role in the sectors of Augmented Reality, Financial Services, Internet of Things, and Robotics. The fund provides more than just investment; it offers resources and an opportunity to collaborate with startups to foster business creation. You can learn more about Sony Innovation Fund on their LinkedIn page.


Placeholder, a company masterminded by Shota Suzuki and Takafumi Goto, aims to merge digital technology with reality, providing incredibly engaging experiences to users. Their sectors of focus span Architecture, Augmented Reality, Digital Entertainment, EdTech, Edutainment, Leisure, and Virtual Reality. More information about PlaceHolder can be found on their Facebook page.


Working within the sectors of Apps and Augmented Reality, Meleap, founded by Araki Hitoshi and Hiroshi Fukuda, introduces HADO – a new sport utilizing leading-edge AR technology, creating a whole new level of sports experience. For further updates, follow Meleap’s twitter handle @hado_info or visit their Facebook page.


Synamon, established by Masayuki Nishiguchi and Wataru Takehi, operates in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. They aim to build the best solution for perfecting the use of VR technology in various scenarios. Detailed attributes about Synamon can be found in its LinkedIn page or Facebook account, Synamon.

Alpha Code

Alpha Code, founded in 2015, specializes in utilizing virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality technology to develop and offer unique solutions. More about Alpha Code can be found on its Facebook page.


Graffity, a company striving for innovation in Augmented Reality, Content, Social Network, and Video Games, is led by Morimoto Toshiaki. They aim to provide AR experiences globally to enrich life more conveniently. You can learn more about Graffity on their LinkedIn page.

Symmetry Dimensions

Symmetry Dimensions, led by Shogo Numakura, Tomonori Takata, and Tsutomu Kawashima, works on digitizing real-world events and making data easily accessible for everyone. More about the company can be found on their Facebook page.


BIRDMAN, a digital design studio founded by Roy Ryo Tsukiji, seeks to weave ideas with innovative technology for life, delivering a digital experience that can be achieved only by professionals in various fields. You can follow them on LinkedIn.

CrossHelmet | Borderless

CrossHelmet | Borderless, a unique venture by Arata Oono and Voytek Siewierski, develops products that bring their prototypes and visions of the future to life, working tirelessly to improve society. You can learn more about the company on Facebook.

Written by Mark Smith

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