Technological Pioneers: Haidian-based Leaders in China’s Smart Home Industry

In this third edition of our Smart Home series, we continue our exploration of bleeding-edge technology companies based in Haidian, Beijing, China. This burgeoning hub is home to an array of innovative businesses that are driving next-generation advances in the smart home industry. In this installment, we spotlight some of the pioneering ventures that are shaping the future of home automation, demonstrating the rich vein of talent and innovation running through Haidian.

The following companies bring a wide range of services and products to the industry, from smart home security solutions offered by Baustem to an innovative infant-centric range of products by Genuine Labs that seeks to make parenting easier. All centered in Haidian, these companies are making significant strides in information technology (IT), hardware, electronics, and software solutions.

Buckle up as we delve into dissecting these trailblazing entities in Haidian that are revolutionizing the smart home industry. You will learn about their offerings, founders, and much more. So, without further ado, let’s begin our exciting journey into the world of smart homes.


Founded in Haidian, Beijing, Baustem is a titan in the Security, Smart Home, and Software industry. The company has made significant strides in creating software solutions in signal processing, information security, digital TV technology, and network communication technology. Their multi-service home gateway product, with an application support system, caters to home videophone, health care, security monitoring uses, amongst others. Learn more about Baustem on their LinkedIn profile.


Specializing in Hardware, Sensors, and Smart Home technology, 720health is a trailblazer in its industry. Founded by Hua Yu, Ligang Xiang, and Zichao Xie, the company is based in Haidian, Beijing, China. Visit their website to explore their product range, or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Established by Chenglan Jiang, Chunming Chen, Peng Zhao, and Wei Wang, VGEN is a leader in the Hardware, Information Technology, and Smart Home sector. Based in Haidian, Beijing, their ground-breaking technology continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the smart homes field. You can get more information about the company on their website.

Wewow Technology

Menghan Zhang led the creation of Wewow Technology, a significant player in Mobile Apps, Smart Home, and Social fields. Operating from Haidian, Beijing, the company continues to innovate, offering a wide array of products and services.


In the world of Electronics, Hardware, and Smart Homes, AIRMX is a name to take note of. Based in Haidian, Beijing, they are an established name in the industry. To learn more about AIRMX, visit their website.

Genuine Labs

A mover-and-shaker in the Baby, Consumer Goods, Hardware, Internet of Things, and Smart Home industry, Genuine Labs is guided by the vision of “Making a mother’s life easier”. Working from Haidian, Beijing, they are developing an innovative, infant-centered range of products based on Smart Technology. Dive deeper into Genuine Labs by visiting their website or LinkedIn profile.


Brought to life by Peng Li, UCZOON operates in the Digital Media, Internet, and Smart Home sphere. Working out of Haidian, Beijing, they are a dynamic player in the sector. For more about UCZOON, visit their website.

Written by Mark Smith

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