Barcelona Pioneers Advancing Smart Home Technology: Catalan Industry Showcase

Welcome to yet another edition of our ongoing series looking at innovative companies operating in the Smart Home industry with their headquarters in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. We’re thrilled to showcase this handpicked selection of firms whose work is pushing the boundaries of technology while shaping our lives. They variously embrace the Internet of Things, mobile apps, predictive analytics, energy management, and more, demonstrating a commitment to improving our everyday lives through smart solutions.

Barcelona’s start-up scene is recognized for its dynamism and creativity, hosting a plethora of young upstarts and ambitious tech ventures, giving the city a distinct entrepreneurial spirit. Companies rooted in Barcelona are already making inroads in various segments of the Smart Home industry, ranging from parking solutions to energy management. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Here are some of these remarkable companies that are turning Barcelona into one of the world’s leading tech hubs, and making a significant contribution to the evolution of smart homes.


Founded by Marc Coderch, PARC is a parking marketplace for private spots in phone-accessible garages. Not only does it allow for shared parking spaces amongst citizens, but it also helps the owners market the places when they are empty, while drivers save time and money every time they park. Access and payment are entirely managed through the driver’s mobile phone using a simple yet effective IoT system. Keep up with them on their Social Media handles: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Effilogics Technologies

Founded by Albert Vidal, Effilogics Technologies is armoured with the purpose of improving business efficiency by analyzing their energy-related data. Their SaaS platform is transforming the energy landscape of enterprises, utilities, energy retailers and energy-related service providers by leveraging big data, predictive analytics, and IoT technologies. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


In the consumer electronics and pet sectors, exists Mellerware. The company aims to enhance the consumer experience with their innovative approach and range of products. To catch their updates, follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Bronze, founded by Adrian M., is reinventing the manufacturing industry by implementing computer vision technologies in designing kitchen appliances that detect food tone and prevent overcooking. Learn more about their work on their website, or follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Carbo Consulting

A leader in business development and consulting, Carbo Consulting, led by founder Jordi Carbó, provides an IoT business platform for smart homes, aiding companies in expanding their market reach.

Teleantena Llobregat

Well-recognized in the physical security, security, smart home, and telecommunications sectors, Teleantena Llobregat provides top-notch services for smart homes. Follow them on Facebook to catch their latest updates.


CELENT GROUP offers home and industrial automation systems focusing on security access, climate efficiency, audiovisual and telecommunication. For more, trace their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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