Spotlight on San Carlos: Pioneering Renewable Energy Innovations in California

Welcome to the latest edition of our series of articles on cutting-edge companies operating in the renewable energy sector from a noteworthy hub, San Carlos, California. This vibrant town located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, has become a hotbed for innovative ideas and tech-driven startups that are looking to reshape the renewable energy landscape. The companies we explore today are unique in their vision to create sustainable, scalable, and efficient solutions that address energy challenges across various industries.

With an aim to redefine and impact the way we produce and consume energy, these companies are pushing the boundaries and pioneering advancements in the field of renewable energy. From developing high-efficiency perovskite solar panels to creating electric motorcycles and providing environmental consulting services, their offerings are certainly noteworthy. These innovative solutions reflect the potential and promise of renewable energy, and more importantly, their crucial role in building a green and sustainable future.

Let’s explore the notable work conducted by each of these startups in detail. Whether you’re a burgeoning entrepreneur, a renewable energy enthusiast, an investor scouting for opportunities, or simply curious about what’s happening in this exciting industry, this article has something for everyone.

Swift Solar

Swift Solar was founded by Giles Eperon, Joel Jean, Kevin Bush, and Maximilian Hoerantner. This renewable energy startup focuses on developing lightweight, flexible, and highly efficient solar panels based on perovskite semiconductors. The team which includes top solar technologists from renowned universities like Stanford, MIT, Cambridge, and Oxford, has deep expertise in perovskite photovoltaic technology and its scale-up. For more information, follow Swift Solar on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sinovia Technologies

Established by George Burkhard and Whitney Gaynor, Sinovia Technologies specializes in environmental consulting, renewable energy, and wearables. They are working towards enabling breakthrough thin, lightweight, durable, and low-cost electronics. You can connect with them on LinkedIn to stay updated with their latest innovations.

Lightning Motorcycle

Founded by Richard Hatfield, Lightning Motorcycle is Engaging in battery technology and electric vehicle manufacturing. The company focuses on creating the fastest electric motorcycles in the world and has set several speed records. They have a strong interest in 2 wheel electric transportation (E2W) which promises superior efficiency, performance, and affordability. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more updates.


eMotorWerks, founded by Val Miftakhov, is recognized for creating JuiceNet, an IoT platform that organizes networks of electric vehicle charging stations into multi-megawatt Virtual Power Plants. The company aims to control 100% of EV charging load with its innovative techniques. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to learn more.


Founded by Jake Masters and Thomas Lee, Derapi is a universal API for distributed energy resource (DER) devices. The API aims to unlock the full value of DERs. The company works towards reducing data integration bottlenecks, data infrastructure costs and speeding up the market entry for DER software developers. Find more about them on their LinkedIn.

Origen Hydrogen

Origen Hydrogen, formed by Taylor Huff, is a startup working in the environmental consulting and renewable energy sector. The company focuses on deploying hydrogen production, storage, and dispensing systems. Keep tabs on their progress on their LinkedIn.

SB Energy India

A sub branch of the famous SoftBank Group Corp., SB Energy India is a clean energy company aiming to fuel India’s growth with renewable sources. The company represents a joint venture between the Japan-based SoftBank Group Corp. and Bharti Group.


Cyanto is a stealth energy start-up focusing on energy efficiency, and renewable energy. The company is actively working on developing a next-generation photovoltaic technology.

Written by Mark Smith

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