Green Revolution: Spotlight on Torino’s Pioneering Renewable Energy Enterprises

The thriving city of Torino, nestled in the region of Piemonte, Italy, is home to a flourishing renewable energy sector. Multiple companies headquartered here are making significant strides in diverse areas, encompassing Artificial Intelligence, Automotive, Clean Energy, and Energy Efficiency. With a strong commitment to sustainability and technological innovation, these firms are pushing boundaries and paving the way towards a greener future. Here are some notable companies who are contributing to the sector in unique and game-changing ways.

From constructing special process equipment to developing groundbreaking e-mobility solutions, these companies are diverse in their offerings, yet all share a common objective: leveraging renewable resources to create energy solutions that are not only efficient and effective, but are also environmentally friendly. Each of these companies is charting a progressive course in the renewable energy industry, and in doing so, they are setting an example for others to follow.

In an era where sustainable solutions are increasingly favored, these companies are pioneering novel ways to meet our energy needs while minimizing environmental harm. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these groundbreaking firms is doing within the renewable energy industry.

Tau Group

Founded by Filippo Veglia, Francesco Taiariol, and Piero Degasperi, Tau Group eschews the traditional for the extraordinary. They revolutionize the electric motor sector through their unique winding wire technology, offering unparalleled performance, sustainability, and reliability. With a focus on e-mobility, automotive, and energy, Tau Group is pushing the boundaries of possibilities, creating coatings that are more durable, lightweight, resistant, and environmentally friendly. They even incorporate Artificial Intelligence into their processes to ensure optimal operating simplicity. Follow their work on LinkedIn.


Enerbrain, founded by Alexis Susset, Filippo Ferraris, Francesca Freyria, and Giuseppe Giordano, has taken the initiative to convert wasteful buildings into more sustainable ones. Their smart retrofit system allows buildings to fine-tune energy consumption in real time, potentially resulting in 30% operational savings. Beyond energy savings, Enerbrain also focuses on creating better ambient environments by improving indoor air quality and educating occupants on more responsible energy consumption. You can follow their updates on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Headed by Marco Simonetti and Ruggero Colombari, Aquaseek focuses on CleanTech, Energy, Environmental Engineering, Renewable Energy, and Water. They do not have a provided description but you can follow them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Hysytech is an engineering and special process equipment construction company, and was founded by Massimiliano Antonini. The firm specializes in the design and construction of plants for chemical processes or energy production.


Terasol operates in the Energy, Renewable Energy, Solar, and Wind Energy sectors. You can learn more about their work on their Facebook page.

Eco Innovest

Eco Innovest operates in the Energy and Renewable Energy spheres.

Enermill Energie Rinnovabili

Enermill Energie Rinnovabili is a consulting organization that also operates in the Energy and Renewable Energy spheres.

Wave for Energy

Wave for Energy focuses on harnessing offshore wave and wind energy by inventing and creating new technologies in the Energy and Renewable Energy sectors.

Written by Mark Smith

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