Solar Tech Innovations: Spotlight on Santiago’s Sustainable Energy Pioneers

Renewable energy takes center stage in today’s discussions on climate change and sustainable living. One region contributing to this change, particularly in solar technology, is Santiago, Region Metropolitana, Chile. Home to groundbreaking start-ups transforming the solar industry, Santiago is definitely establishing its place in the global renewable energy market.

The combination of industry trailblazers and innovative start-ups is creating a bright solar future. From harnessing naturally-desalinated seawater to creating ultra-low cost solar inverters, companies in this region are making significant strides in making renewable energy accessible to all. Composed of born innovators and pioneers, each company adds a unique take on solar energy technology, be it through the application of Artificial Intelligence or the design of sleek solar appliances.

To shed more light on the transformative solutions these start-ups are offering, let’s dive into each of their histories and achievements:

Remote Waters

Remote Waters, founded by Pablo Cassorla, offers a unique water purification system that adapts to different water sources to purify. The system combines solar technology and AI for efficiency and optimal use of solar energy. By enabling autonomous operation and offering support for international financing sources, Remote Waters is making sustainable water purification accessible (Source).


Designed by founder Jordan Butler, Cleanlight innovatively integrates renewable energy with daily used appliances. Cleanlight’s range of solar energy appliances offers a variety of ways for people to harness solar energy without forgoing the comforts of modern living (Source).

Solarity Energía

Solarity Energía, spearheaded by founders Jose Luis Carvallo and Samuel del Sol, offers affordable solar energy to homes and businesses across Latin America. Utilizing medium size photovoltaic installations, Solarity is revolutionizing the utility landscape in the region (Source).


Founded by Domingo García-Huidobro, Pedro Saratscheff, and Tomás Campos, Ruuf aims to bring sustainable, renewable energy to the forefront of urban lifestyle. Their company focuses on the innovative design of solar-powered solutions (Source).


The company developed ultra low-cost solar inverters that generate more power and costs less. Their patent-pending technology made them a game-changer in the solar industry (Source).

Elementa Energy Solutions

CEO Jayson Zwierschke and his team at Elementa Energy Solutions developed a solar tracking mirror system that can serve the energy needs of the world’s most underserved populations with a cost-effective approach. Their product is designed for the rural settings where access to conventional electricity is limited (Source).


S-Save offers renewable energy solutions targeted at energizing Chilean households. Their unique approach to providing solar energy solutions makes them a formidable contender in the solar industry (Source).


LEVANT by Cristóbal Parrado, SUNAI’s NEURAL platform applies Artificial Intelligence techniques to optimize operations management in solar plants. Their technology aids in predicting and preventing failures and optimizing cleaning programs in solar plants (Source).


CLIMATENZA applies innovative sustainable energy solutions to the electricity sector. They develop technologies for generating electricity from the sun, aligning their operations with the mission of reducing the impact of climate change (Source).

Nuovo Wind

Nuovo Wind, led by founder Manu Sharma, has developed ultra-low cost wind and wind-solar hybrid solutions. Their innovations empower people to feasibly harness renewable energy for home and business usage (Source).

Santiago’s solar industry demonstrates that the path to a sustainable future paved with innovation and committed entrepreneurs. As these companies continue to evolve, their impact will no doubt influence the future trajectory of global renewable energy development.

Written by Mark Smith

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