Prague-based Solar Power Innovators Shaping the Future of Energy


This series of articles aims to highlight companies in the solar industry, specifically those with headquarters located in Prague, Hlavni mesto Praha, Czech Republic. In this edition, we delve into the operations, founders, and achievements of these companies. The emergence of solar energy as a significant alternative to conventional forms of energy is ushering in a new era of zenith technology and these companies are at the forefront of this transition.

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is leading the charge with its blend of innovation and ecological responsibility. It is home to an impressive roster of companies specializing in solar energy, each contributing in unique ways towards the growth of renewable energy sources. These companies are leveraging research, the latest technologies, and advanced manufacturing processes to provide efficient and innovative solar products and services.

In the list below, we present an overview of each company with their key attributes and contributions to the solar technology sector. The carefully curated information outlines their industry, founders, description of services, and offers direct links to their websites for further insight.


Founded by Daniel Helcl, Ing. Karel Naprstek, and Jiri Sveda, Woltair is revolutionizing the digitisation of the heating installation process – from lead generation, through sales and installation, to after-sales support. Their niche lies in the integration of Apps, Renewable Energy, and Solar.
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Solarity operates primarily in the field of Renewable Energy and Solar. The company leads in the provision of solar technology services and products. You can get more updates from their Facebook and LinkedIn handles.


Raylyst, located in Prague, is a renowned manufacturer of solar panels, inverters, battery systems, mounting structures, and equipment. They offer a unique blend of Electronics, Manufacturing, Solar, and Wholesale services. Customer contact is facilitated through email, phone, and online applications.

SVP Solar

SVP Solar plays a pivotal role in the Energy and Solar industry. Follow their sustainable energy projects via their Facebook page.


SolarPartner is a dynamic player in the Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Solar sectors. Check their latest updates on Facebook.

Andrew Solar Energy

If you are looking for an all-encompassing service provider, then Andrew Solar Energy is the place to turn to. Providing services from design to post-warranty, they specialize in solar power plant installation services. Their sector of focus includes Construction, Renewable Energy, and Solar services.


Plaan is a unique blend of Construction, Electronics, Energy, and Solar services. Known for offering innovative solar solutions.
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Solar Global

Solar Global is a leader in Energy, Renewable Energy, and Solar services. Their solar technology solutions are known for innovation and efficiency.


Offering a range of services including solar kits, photovoltaic power plants, PMT, and onyx solar, EKOTECHNIK Czech is a distinguished company in the Service Industry and Solar sector.
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DOMOV Gold Power

DOMOV Gold Power is a prime figure in the Energy, Renewable Energy, and Solar sectors. The company’s solar power solutions are designed with a keen focus on efficiency and sustainable practices.


Written by Mark Smith

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