Solar Industry Innovators: Spotlight on Tampa’s Leading Renewable Energy Firms

In the era of sustainable innovation, solar companies in Tampa, Florida, are taking the lead. From renewable energy generation to the manufacturing of necessary tools, they are utilizing the sun’s power to the fullest. Let’s explore some of these Tampa-based solar businesses contributing to the global green initiative.

These companies are not only promoting a greener planet but also fueling the local economy, providing jobs, and fostering innovation on their doorstep. The solar industry’s growth has been exponential in recent years due to its environmental benefits and increasing affordability.

Florida, being the “Sunshine State,” offers an ideal environment for solar energy companies to thrive. Tampa, in particular, has become a hub, housing numerous notable organizations. The companies featured in this article are shaping the industry’s future with their unique approaches and varied focuses within the solar sector.

Solar Bear

Founded by Blake Ambrester, Solar Bear is making its mark in the renewable energy sector. They have made remarkable strides in the Energy and Solar industry. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Tampa Electric

Colonel Peter O. Knight founded Tampa Electric, an industry leader in energy, mining, and renewable energy. They have a significant social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

AND Services

AND Services is a notable player in the service industry with a specific focus on solar. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Seaward operates in manufacturing, medical device, sales, and solar sectors. Their bio-med, solar PV testing instruments, and hydropot testers are noteworthy. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Solar Energy Management

Check out Solar Energy Management for their work in energy, renewable energy, solar sectors. Follow their updates on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

American Choice Energy

Offering solutions for residential and commercial needs, American Choice Energy has a significant presence in the commercial, energy, and solar sectors. Follow them on LinkedIn for updates.


As a financial technology and green sustainability company, Klarzen is providing green technology solutions and energy optimization consulting. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Solar Advantage

Solar Advantage is gaining attention for their work in utility scale, commercial, and residential solar installations. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

May Custom Home

Founded by Mike Arodak, May Custom Home is marking its position in building maintenance, construction, and solar industry. Follow them on Facebook for more updates.

Tampa Bay Solar

Tampa Bay Solar designs, installs, sells solar power systems for residential and commercial properties. You can follow them on LinkedIn.

AC/DC Solar

Notable for their work in the commercial, residential, and solar sectors, AC/DC Solar is well worth checking out. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Ultimately, these Tampa-based solar energy companies reflect an exciting shift in the energy industry. They continue to explore and expand the wealth of possibilities that solar energy offers. By and large, these companies are shaping a future where renewable energy is within everyone’s reach.

Written by Mark Smith

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