Indonesian Solar Industry: Innovations From Jakarta’s Trailblazing Companies

Indonesia, renowned for its bountiful natural resources, is fast becoming a pivotal player in the global solar industry. With its capital, Jakarta, serving as the epicentre of business activity, a series of remarkable companies focusing on the Solar industry are finding tremendous growth opportunities in both the domestic and international markets. In this article, we delve into the profiles of these companies that have made a significant impact in the Solar industry and are based in Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia.

Injecting much-needed diversification in Indonesia’s energy sector, these firms are involved in several areas ranging from energy management, mining, solar, environmental consulting, renewable energy, and many more. These corporations are assembling a pronounced presence in their respective sectors while striving for greener and more sustainable solutions to align with global environmental efforts.

As a pioneer in the renewable energy sector, each company features a unique portfolio, yet a collective commitment to harness solar power for sustainable growth. Here, we’re profiling all of these companies, their operations, and their contributions to the vibrant future of Indonesia’s solar industry.

Indika Energy

Indika Energy is an integrated energy company that offers a basket of energy solutions through its diversified investments across energy resources, services, and infrastructure. Founded by Agus Lasmono, the company has an operational tenure of over a decade, contributing to both domestic and international energy supplies through its coal mining interests. Links: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


With founders Edwin Widjonarko and Eka Himawan at the helm, Xurya operates as a renewable energy platform. It offers a solar lease product for commercial and industrial rooftop owners and provides investors access to rooftop solar plants as a stable investment opportunity. The company assures peace of mind for all parties through their thorough maintenance service. Links: Facebook, LinkedIn.

PT National Energy Solutions

PT National Energy Solutions is an energy service company committed to managing and finding solutions to balance the increasing energy demand and supply. Working on a gamut of solutions including energy savings projects, energy conservation, and power generation, it plays a significant role in maintaining Indonesia’s rich natural resources and energy.

PT Sinar Berkat Surya Jakarta

Named by founder Stephanus Adam, PT. Sinar Berkat Surya Jakarta is a renewable energy company that offers a solar lease product for commercial and industrial rooftop owners while extending investment opportunities in rooftop solar plants for investors. Their efficacious maintenance service assures peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Energy Hub Ventures

Established as PT. Pusat Energi Investama in 2020, Energy Hub Ventures was founded with the vision to accelerate smart energy adoption in Indonesia across four primary segments; smart living, smart energy, smart mobility and smart funds. The company operates as a venture builder to fast-track the smart energy industry in the country.

Syntek Otomasi Indonesia

Total E&P Indonesia

Nusantara Eco Power


Janaloka Links: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Megapower Makmur

Maintaining its presence in numerous sectors including civil engineering, mining, and power plants, among others, Megapower Makmur primarily functions in the procurement of goods and services for energy generation. Links: Facebook.

Written by Mark Smith

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