Shenzhen Innovators Revolutionizing the Future of 3D Printing Industry


The 3D Printing Technology is a rapidly growing sector, with companies sprouting all over the world. However, one particular region that fostered many impressive companies in this field is Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Known for its relentless pursuit of innovation and advancement, this city has become a breeding ground for industries that flourish in the digital age. The following spotlight focuses on some influential companies, in the 3D Printing sector, who have their headquarters located in this dynamic city.

These companies not only demonstrate the diversity of applications within the 3D printing technology, but also the vast potential of this sector. These companies vary from consumer to industrial application, from nurturing creative sparks to encouraging automation. Each of these is contributing to the growth and evolution of 3D printing technology.

Let’s take a closer look at each one of these Shenzhen-based 3D Printing companies, as we delve into their purpose, expertise, and aspirations for the future.


Creality, established in 2014, caters to the 3D printing market by producing and selling impressive 3D printers. Their products meet the needs of various user groups; including individuals, families, schools, and companies, covering more than 20 products from DIY to complete machines. For more details, reach out to them at: [email protected]

Addentax Group

Founded in 2014, the Addentax Group, is a manufacturing company offering a range of services such as garment decoration and textile printing services. They specialize in printing on various surfaces like glass, leather, plastic, ceramic, and textiles using 3D sublimation vacuum heat transfer machine. They focus on producing high-quality, durable imprints.

Jinxin Technology

Jinxin Technology, an industrial giant, excels in the manufacture of PCB digital printing equipment. This company also provides after-sales services, thereby ensuring a comprehensive solution.


Longer3D provides a complete suite of 3D printing solutions, producing consumer 3D printers, laser engravers and industrial 3D printers. With solutions for automotive, biomedical, jewelry design, and education sectors, they cover a broad range of applications.


Founded by Xueyuan Lu in 2014, Wenext has seen a rapid expansion with production exceeding 15 million parts. They aim to ensure a high standard of quality while continuously reducing operational costs and production time.

IVI 3D Printer

IVI3D, founded by three enthusiastic individuals, strives to make 3D printing accessible for everyone. They focus on providing a seamless and enriching 3D printing experience for the average user.

Founded by Xiusu Cui, works at the intersection of 3D printing, animation and video games. Their work revolves around generating immersive experiences powered by new-age technologies.

Shenzhen 3D Dreamwork Co.Ltd

Shenzhen 3D Dreamwork, co-founded by Jinxi Wen, offers a variety of printing services. Specializing in 3D printing, they have broadened their horizon with services encompassing the fields of photography and traditional printing.

ShenZhen TwoTrees Technology Co.,Ltd

ShenZhen TwoTrees Technology, established in 2017, originally started as a 3D printer accessories producer. It has subsequently expanded its business into producing FDM 3D printers, designing and marketing desktop laser engraving machines.

Shenzhen Jinjia Group

The Shenzhen Jinjia Group operates in the field of 3D printing, graphic design, manufacturing, and traditional printing, thus providing comprehensive graphic solutions to their clients.


ElecFreaks is an open hardware facilitating company benefiting from the largest electronic market in Shenzhen. They are focused on merging various resources to serve the new era of innovation.


Written by Mark Smith

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