Barcelona’s Pioneering Role in Advancing 3D Printing Tech Innovations

The city of Barcelona, the heart of Catalonia, tucked away in southwestern Europe, is a hub for advanced technology companies. Known for its design-intensive culture, the city has spawned a number of businesses in a multitude of high-tech sectors including the 3D printing industry. This piece aims to shed light on various companies operating in this dynamic and ground-breaking industry, located in the mesmerizing city of Barcelona.

3D printing technology, tied up with the idea of manufacturing objects through sequential layers based on digital models, has proved a boon in an array of sectors – engineering, product design, healthcare, art, entertainment, and manufacturing. Barcelona’s vibrant ecosystem and supportive business environment have made it a welcoming home for inventive entrepreneurs from all over the world accelerating its advancement in this industry.

In this article, we will delve into some companies that have touched new heights in the 3D printing industry, discussing their foundation, unique offerings and contributions to the industry.


Founded by Daniel Iborra and Viktor Nordstrom, CL3VER is an award-winning startup based in Barcelona. It provides a cloud-based platform enabling designers and professionals to create interactive 3D presentations to engage clients throughout the sales and marketing cycle. Importing 3D models from common software, they offer real-time 3D rendering in the cloud. To stay connected, you can follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter at @cl3ver_3d.

Chupa chups

Chupa chups, co-founded by Enric Bernat, is operating in the 3D printing industry. Although the details about its involvement in 3D printing are scant, the company has a significant presence in the field of consumer goods, e-commerce, food and beverage, manufacturing, and retail. Follow them on Facebook for updates.


VINCLE International Technology has been providing solutions for business process automation to manufacturers since 1991. With a stronghold in 3D Printing, Information Technology, Manufacturing, and Marketing, they are advancing the industry. Follow their updates on LinkedIn and Twitter at @vincle_es.


Founded by Josep Martí Saumell, BonaDrone is the designer and manufacturer of DIY drones. They are advancing STEM Education with their innovations in the drone industry. Stay connected via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @bonadrone.

Service Point Solutions

With a team of over 2400 employees across 9 countries, Service Point Solutions is a leading printing service provider. They also have an established footprint in the 3D printing industry. Stay updated via LinkedIn.


Transforming the world through creativity, FabCafe is a unique establishment equipped with novel devices such as laser cutters and 3D printers. Follow their journey on Facebook and Twitter at @fabcafe_com.


Founded by Andrei Protasevich, Azat Zalyaev, and Elena Samchuk, KURIO is the first phygital jewelry marketplace. They are using 3D, AR, and Blockchain technologies to revolutionize the way jewelry is bought and sold online. To stay updated, follow them on LinkedIn.


Founded by David García, Imagiam is making waves in the 3D printing, software, and information technology industry. Follow their journey on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @imagiam.


The FUNDACIO PRIVADA CENTRE CIM has cemented its place in the 3D printing sector in Barcelona. Although specific details are vague, their contributions in manufacturing, market research, and training are noteworthy. Stay connected via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at @cim_upc.


Founded by Ignasi Sagre Martinez and Saulo Armas Falcon, ADDIT·ION specializes in additive manufacturing services. They are breaking new ground with their innovative products. Stay updated by following them on LinkedIn.

Crayon Creatures

Crayon Creatures offers a unique service that turns children’s drawings into 3D printed figurines. This is a perfect example of how 3D printing can capture creativity in a tangible form. Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter at @CrayonCreatures.

Written by Mark Smith

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