Semiconductor Innovators Flourishing at Cambridge: UK’s Tech Industry Titans

The city of Cambridge, situated in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, is renowned for being a cutting-edge technology hub. This reputation is significantly reinforced by the impressive array of leading semiconductor companies who call this city home. These innovators operate at the very heart of bleeding technology, continuously pushing the boundaries and shaping tomorrow’s technological landscape. This article focuses on encapsulating key details about some of these pioneering companies in the semiconductor industry, each contributing in their own unique way to the evolution of technology.

From flexible electronics to Gallium Nitride (GaN) power devices, this candid exploration into these companies offers an enriched journey through the corridors of technological advancement. We step into the world of reduced energy electronic applications, custom System on Chip (SoC) designs and more. Welcoming you to discover these Cambridge-based companies, let us appreciate the creative innovations that are reshaping our world.

These companies demonstrate an impressive commitment to refining technology as we know it. Disrupting conventional wisdom and sparking revolutionary change, they are integral players in the global semiconductor sector. Be it through enhancing the IoT ecosystem, semiconductor manufacturing, forging forward in electronics or developing fresh product designs, their impact resonates throughout the industry.

Pragmatic Semiconductor

Co-founded by Richard Price and Scott White, Pragmatic Semiconductor is famed for its ultra-low-cost flexible electronics. Pioneering in the field of electronics, foundries, Internet of Things, manufacturing, and product design, the company’s FlexICs make solving everyday problems substantially more practical than with traditional electronics. With their innovative manufacturing model, the FlexLogIC® production system, high-volume production is not only cost-effective but also involves significantly lower capital investment compared to traditional silicon IC fabs. Connect with them on LinkedIn.

Cambridge GaN Devices

Cambridge GaN Devices, co-founded by Florin Udrea and Giorgia Longobardi, develops energy-efficient GaN power devices, making electronics greener and more sustainable. Recognised as Tech Scaleup of the Year by Business Weekly, they are notably influencing the $30 billion worth semiconductor market. Find out more about them on LinkedIn.

Agile Analog

Populated by the brilliance of Michael Hulse and Pete Hutton, Agile Analog is a company on a mission to revolutionise the Analog IP market space. Join their movement on LinkedIn and follow their advancements on Twitter.


Founded by Don Arnone and Michael Pepper, TeraView is the first company devoted to Terahertz light applications for imaging and spectroscopy. Their revolutionary technology detects faults and quality variations in semiconductor integrated circuits non-invasively and non-destructively. Follow their progress on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Forefront RF

Founded by Julian Hildersley, Leo Laughlin, and Phil O’Donovan, Forefront RF is a trailblazing fabless semiconductor company. Follow their contributions on LinkedIn.

Arm Holdings

Founded by Al Thomas, Andy Merritt, Carlos Virella, and Dave Howard, ARM Holdings is a renowned provider of silicon IP and custom SoCs. Their innovative approach to chip manufacture has positioned them at the heart of billions of devices worldwide. Follow their ongoing progress on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Kubos Semiconductors

Distinguishable for their cubic-GaN for high efficiency, low-cost LED solutions, Kubos Semiconductors is making waves in the manufacturing and semiconductor industry.

Code Red Technologies

Founded by John Rayfield and Kayode Odubela, Code Red Technologies offers innovative software development tools for 32-bit microcontrollers, serving the needs of embedded systems designers with their profound understanding of information technology, the semiconductor industry and software applications.

Quantum Power Transformation

Quantum Power Transformation is a company making its mark in the semiconductor industry. Find out more about their developments on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Colin Humphreys, Dandan Zhu, and Lewis Liu, CamGaN significantly contributes to research in gallium nitride based light-emitting diodes. Their innovative solutions are helping LED chip manufacturers in cost reduction and efficiency enhancement.


Renowned for their low-power, flexible video processing devices, Alphamosaic works towards developing solutions that support a range of different products, including camera-enabled smartphones and PDAs. Their VideoCore® technology is a critical feature in many telecom and computing applications.

Written by Mark Smith

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