Delft-Based Innovators Pioneering Advances in Dutch Semiconductor Technology Landscape

The city of Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands is a hotbed of innovation in one of the most important fields of our times – Semiconductor technology. Playing an integral role in the foundation of every major technology from computers to smartphones and from satellites to medical equipment, semiconductors are central to our modern world. The companies we are discussing today are pushing the boundaries of this pivotal technology and are all based right here in Delft. Let’s explore these havoc-wreaking tech giants in the global semiconductor market.


Founded by Iman Madadi and Massoud Tohidian, Qualinx is a fast-emerging company relying on disruptive technological advances for RF/Analog blocks. It achieves this through interesting methods – incorporating digital principles to design and create RF/Analog blocks. The end result is the creation of semiconductors that utilize power much more efficiently and have smaller sizes. The company’s key market is wearable and IoT devices.

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Nowi, one of the direct challengers of our approach towards power capacities, is the brainchild of Omar Link and Simon van der Jagt. Focused on harnessing energy from around the device, be it heat, motion or even radio waves, their technology is putting an end to the era of cable dependence and regular battery replacement. Nowi’s chip is so innovative that it may redefine the use cases of IoT devices with their power autonomy.

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BIOND Solutions

Incorporating biotechnology into semiconductors, BIOND Solutions is focused on creating next-gen microchips for unique individual treatment. Founded by Cinzia Silvestri, the company has created a computer chip where cells can be placed for comprehensive testing and development of personalised medication, thus driving home the potential of personalized medicine.

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Known for manufacturing electromagnetic detection systems, ELWAVE utilizes a unique “electric sense” technology for industrial and underwater robotics application. Inspired by the sensory adaptation of tropical fish living in congested and muddy waters, they’ve transformed the way detection systems are being built.

Single Quantum

Co-founded by Sander Dorenbos and Val Zwiller, Single Quantum produces the best superconducting nanowire single photon detectors (SNSPDs). Highly valued in the optical imaging and telecommunications sectors, their SNSPDs are one of the most efficient and versatile light detectors in the world.

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MAPPER Lithography

MAPPER Lithography B.V., founded by Bert Jan Kampherbeek and Marco Wieland, develops lithography machines for the semiconductor industry. The unparalleled ingenuity of MAPPER’s solutions has been providing a competitive edge for chip manufacturers worldwide since 2000.

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Helping businesses with their engineering needs, SystematIC offers a wide spectrum of services through its capable, proficient and expert team.

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Catena Holding

Providing a whole host of IC-related services, Catena Holding is a powerhouse of IC and IP development. With its wide range of services, including design, system architecture and training services, the company is a prominent player in the semiconductor market.

JIACO Instruments

Also based in Delft, JIACO Instruments is a key player in the electronics and electricity distribution sectors, with an impressive portfolio of innovative products and services.

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With specialties in cloud management, electronics and semiconductors, SandGrain is a team that is perfectly equipped to handle the keys areas of the semiconductor business. Combining these competencies with a rich experience backing them, the firm has the potential to provide a disruptive service.

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A provider of magnetic sensors as IC products, MAGnetIC offers highly integrated and programmable chips. Quality and reliability are the hallmarks of their product portfolio.

Written by Mark Smith

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