Sacramento’s Innovative Waste Management Companies Driving Eco-Friendly Technological Solutions

As we grapple with the escalating global pollution crisis, innovative companies around the world are focusing on effective and sustainable waste management solutions. Based in Sacramento, California, various organizations are working to revolutionize the waste management industry using cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking strategies. Here, we explore these trailblazing companies headquartered in Sacramento, shedding light on their mission, services, and contributions to environmental sustainability.

These companies span a broad spectrum of waste management sectors, from recycling and renewable energy to environmental consultancy. Their work’s scale ranges from servicing the needs of local communities to setting new industry standards on a nationwide level. Through their shared commitment to environmental stewardship, they are fostering a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future, one step at a time.

In this article, we delve into the operations of these organizations, shedding light on the present while also glimpsing into the future of waste management. Each company represents a unique approach to tackling the problem of waste, showing that effective solutions come in all shapes and sizes.

Atlas Disposal

Atlas Disposal, founded by Dave Sikich, is an industry leader in environmental consulting, recycling, renewable energy, and waste management. The company is dedicated to providing innovative and efficient disposal solutions to its clients. Find out more about Atlas Disposal on their social media: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

California Rural Water Association

The California Rural Water Association is a non-profit organization engaged in the fields of environmental engineering, waste management, and water purification. The association tirelessly works towards servicing rural communities’ sewage and drinking water needs while maintaining an eco-conscious approach. Find California Rural Water Association on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


BoxGiver is a marketplace revolutionizing packaging materials’ use and disposal. The online platform allows users to buy, sell, or donate packaging materials locally, significantly reducing waste. BoxGiver’s mission is rooted in advancing environmental awareness and personal involvement in conservation efforts. Learn more about BoxGiver on their social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Ming’s Recycling

Specializing in recycling and waste management, Ming’s Recycling produces and sells recyclables domestically and overseas. The company’s operations focus on a wide range of materials, including CRV beverage containers, paper, plastics, and scrap metals. Stay updated on Ming’s Recycling via their Facebook page.

Sacramento Area Sewer District

Sacramento Area Sewer District is a leading sewer utility that offers round-the-clock services to its residential, commercial, and industrial customers. With a customer base of over one million people in the Sacramento region, it is committed to reducing sewage backups, overflows, and loss of sewer service. Find more details on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.

Modern Waste

Co-founded by Landon Goodman, Modern Waste provides comprehensive waste management services. Some of their services include battery recycling, secure data destruction, logistics, electronic waste recycling, document shredding, and universal waste services. Connect with Modern Waste on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


DSV is a waste management company that offers a broad array of services including farm cleanup, commercial, industrial, residential demolition, and orchard removal. DSV prides itself on its precise and safety-oriented approach. You can follow DSV’s latest updates on their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.

Capital City Recycling

Capital City Recycling is committed to boosting recycling and sustainability practices. The company’s operations concentrate on effective and responsible waste management. To learn more about Capital City Recycling, visit their LinkedIn profile.


Founded by John Bissell and Ryan Smith, Micromidas is a Bio-Tech company that provides microbial biorefinery technology for wastewater treatment. The company, incorporated in 2008, has its base in West Sacramento, California.

Written by Mark Smith

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