Helsinki’s Pioneering Firms Revolutionizing Scandinavian Waste Management Solutions

Finland, especially Helsinki, is at the forefront of waste management technologies, with companies striving to formulate innovative and effective solutions to tackle the increasing global problem of waste. These companies have embarked on the journey to waste management with creative business models, advancing technology and aiming to make a real difference. In our series of Futurology articles, we focus on a selection of pioneering companies based in Helsinki that are making significant strides in the waste management industry. These companies show promise by promoting practical and profitable sustainability initiatives, using innovative technologies, financial solutions and non-profit initiatives.

From tackling marine plastic menace to enhancing energy efficiency and promoting a circular economy, these companies exhibit extraordinary commitment to environmental sustainability. In addition to designing and implementing unique waste management strategies, they provide consultancy services and forge collaborations with government and non-governmental institutions. Despite their diverse approaches, their common goal is to develop robust, scalable solutions to waste management, bringing about a circular economy and a sustainable future.

We look at each of these pioneering companies in more detail, shedding light on their operations, their contributions to the waste management industry, and their ambitious drive towards building a world where waste is not wasted.

Riverrecycle Oy

Founded by Anssi Mikola, Riverrecycle Oy offers innovative solutions for cleaning rivers, specifically targeted at plastic waste. Riverrecycle integrates material recovery and conversion methods into a circular economy business model. Their mission is simple – to clean rivers for free. Their links include Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

FCG Finnish Consulting Group

FCG provides wide-ranging services encompassing environmental consulting, infrastructure, management consulting, waste management, and water. Their services are critical to building a sustainable environment. You can follow their developments on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Nefco is an international financial institution that funds the initial scale-up of Nordic green solutions in international markets. With over 1,500 financed projects under its belt, Nefco has made significant strides in the fields of renewable energy, water sanitation, waste management, and others. Learn more about Nefco on theirTwitter page or theirLinkedIn profile.


RINKI operates within waste management and recycling, with a strong focus on non-profit initiatives. Be sure to follow RINKI on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for latest updates.


HSY offers solutions related to waste management, water, and environmental consulting. As a non-profit company, it operates extensively with government bodies. To stay updated about their initiatives, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Delete operates as a comprehensive environmental service provider, offering services critical to various industries, construction, and real estate. With a primary focus on recycling and waste management, Delete aims to clean and enhance the environment. You can learn more about Delete’s services on their LinkedIn page.


Hannoa targets waste management with a focus on product design for small and medium-sized businesses. Keep up with their efforts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Nordic Environment Finance

The Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) is an international institution prioritizing projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving the environmental situation in the Baltic Sea, and decreasing emissions of toxic pollutants. Learn more about their initiatives through their Twitter feed or on their LinkedIn profile.

Written by Mark Smith

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