Rotterdam’s Leading Innovators Revolutionising the Dutch Energy Sector

Rotterdam, the major port city in the Netherlands, is not just significant for its maritime heritage and modern architecture. This futuristic city is also turning heads within the technology & innovation sector and leading the charge into a sustainable future. Dominating the energy industry, many companies in Rotterdam are trailblazers in innovative, clean, and renewable energy. These companies promise to revolutionize not just the nation’s, but the whole world’s energy industry. Here, we take a closer look at some of these energy companies, which are instrumental in shaping Rotterdam’s and hence the world’s energy future.

Sustainability and environmental conservation have been at the forefront of corporate philosophies in recent times, and Rotterdam-based companies are no exception. Core industries such as automotive, manufacturing, and property development are witnessing a paradigm shift. They are increasingly incorporating green technologies and clean energy solutions directly into their operations. Clean energy startups, innovative tech ventures, and forward-thinking corporate giants alike are instrumental in driving this change.

Focusing on everything from solar to renewable, to clean tech and wind energy, these companies are ensuring influential energy solutions that look to safeguard our planet’s future. Their presence in the futuristically designed and environmentally conscious city of Rotterdam is fitting. This exciting conjunction of innovation, technology, and the environment is contributing to making the city a world leader in sustainable practices and an example for others to follow.


Founded by Jorg van Heesbeen, Nick Hubbers, and Taco van Berkel in 2015, Jedlix operates in the automotive and environmental consulting industries. It is a smart charging service provider for electric vehicles. Their primary goal is optimizing the charging and discharging of electric vehicles and enabling their insertion into the power grid at scale. Links: Linkedin, Twitter.


SolarWorks!, founded by Arnoud de Vroomen and Bernard Hulshof, is an energy and manufacturing company. They develop, manufacture, and market solar solutions for lighting and low voltage electricity provision in areas with limited access to electricity. Importantly, their company is contributing to reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources. Links: Linkedin.

Hello Energy

With a goal to create positive impact on the real estate industry, Benno Schwarz and Kees van Alphen founded Hello Energy in 2016. Their robust SaaS solution is helping to achieve rapid growth in sustainability by providing new and innovative features through their interactive interface. Links: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Energy Floors

Founded by Michel Smit, Energy Floors designs and produces interactive and sustainable floors that produce energy. Their mission is to allow the public to participate in renewable energy production. Links: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Caldic B.V.

Founded by Joop van Caldenborgh, Caldic B.V. specializes in chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, energy, and power transmission. Links: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Skoon Energy

Founded by Daan Geldermans and Peter Paul, Skoon Energy operates in the battery, energy, and renewable energy industry. Links: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

Last Mile Solutions

Founded by Eric van Voorden and Johan Brouwer, Last Mile Solutions operates in the automotive and electric vehicle industry. Links: LinkedIn, Twitter.


VTTI B.V. has established itself as one of the fastest-growing energy storage businesses in the world. Links: LinkedIn.

Eneco Group

Active in the energy sector, Eneco Group offers smart products and services that create a valuable impact on the society by generating and supplying green energy. Links: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter.

The Archimedes

The Archimedes windmill is a new type of wind turbine with an ingenious design to maximize the wind’s power. Links: Facebook.


Created by Danny Hetharia and Jeroen van Zwieten, Sobolt engages in the renewable energy sector using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Links: LinkedIn, Twitter.

Written by Mark Smith

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