Exploring Manchester’s Leading Innovators in the United Kingdom Energy Industry

Manchester, known as the birthplace of the industrial revolution, is now leading the charge in propelling the green revolution. A number of innovative start-ups and enterprises operating in the Energy industry have set up camp in this northern city, driven by a common objective; to shape a more sustainable future for the planet. Turning Manchester into the UK’s green tech capital is a mix of companies applying cutting-edge technologies to solve environmental issues, boost energy efficiency, and champion renewable resources. We take a deep dive into some of these companies that are making spectacular strides in the energy sector.

The city is a hub for firms specializing in various fields such as emerging markets, energy management, industrial automation, IT, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, clean energy, and energy efficiency among others. These firms are tackling some of the most pressing issues related to energy consumption, energy poverty, and making the energy market more efficient and accessible. From enabling utilities to operate in previously unreachable places to creating local energy markets using blockchain and AI, these companies are trailblazing the path to a sustainable future.

Manchester isn’t just contributing to the UK’s energy sector; it’s influencing the global energy landscape. Several of these firms have international presence, proving that Manchester has all the core ingredients – excellent Universities, a thriving start-up scene, an open and inclusive culture, and a commitment to sustainability – to create a world-leading energy hub. Without further ado, let’s spotlight these amazing Manchester-based companies operating in the energy sector.

Upside Energy

Upside Energy, an energy efficiency and energy management company, was established with the vision of promoting an environmental-friendly energy usage. The company has set its sights on reducing greenhouse gases by encouraging smart energy use. Co-founded in 2013 by Matt Fisher, Matt Potts, Andy Molineux, and Dr. Graham Oakes, Upside Energy seeks to strike a balance between energy demands and what the environment can safely deliver. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Focused on energy, emerging markets, industrial automation, IT, and IoT, SteamaCo is dedicated to energizing hard-to-reach places where operation and maintenance costs are high and connectivity is scarce. Founded by Harrison Leaf and Sam Duby, this company is paving the way for utilities to operate in previously uncharted territories. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


The brainchild of Mo Hajhashem and Somayeh Taheri, UrbanChain is a leading global blockchain infrastructure-based P2P exchange for renewable generators and consumers. Developing an innovative energy exchange system, the company is leveraging blockchain, AI and IoT to create local energy markets. It’s offering major savings on energy bills for consumers while also giving renewable energy generators of all sizes mainstream access. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Co-founded by David Smith, provides battery monitoring systems aimed at boosting profits for renewable power systems suppliers and users. The company’s blend of battery, energy, and manufacturing innovations holds great promise for the energy industry. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Ovon Home

Combining energy, energy efficiency, hardware, IT, IoT, and software, Ovon Home produces stunning and effortless to install smart home devices. Piotr Zarobkiewicz and Tom Timothy, the founders, developed a new cutting-edge, self-charging heating system that discards waste and provides a future-proof, energy-saving solution. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Gazprom Global Energy Solutions

Gazprom Global Energy Solutions offers managed meter reading services, energy management, consultancy, and other related services to the utility sector. As well as a range of oil and gas, renewable energy, IT, and consulting options. See their updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Eksagon Group Ltd

Eksagon Group Ltd is a company involved in advanced materials, clean energy, and nanotechnology. The company was founded by Antonios Oikonomou, and it’s currently providing clean energy solutions with innovative materials. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Brighter World Energy

Brighter World Energy offers consumers an opportunity to help families in underprivileged areas gain their initial access to electricity. Cheryl Latham, the founder, has directed the company’s efforts towards energy efficiency in the consumer, energy, and oil & gas sectors. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

O’Connor Utilities

As an innovative service provider in the Utilities Industry, O’Connor Utilities is making strides in the field of construction and service industry in the energy sector. They operate on a national scale, suggesting a wide-ranging influence and credible services. Find them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


EnergiMine, helmed by co-founders Hannah Drake and Omar Rahim, digitally transforms the global energy industry, currently managing 2.5bn kWh of energy across over 3,000 sites in 9 different countries. They are also leveraging analytics, AI, blockchain, energy, marketplace, and SaaS to disrupt the way we interact with energy. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Calvin Capital

Founded by Bert Pijls, Calvin Capital is a market leading Meter Asset Provider that finances the provision and installation of electricity and gas metering meters on behalf of energy suppliers and also manages the meter portfolio. They play a vital role in supporting energy suppliers in meeting their smart meter roll-out obligations. Find them on Twitter and LinkedIn.

These companies are setting a high standard for the green revolution, and are indicative of Manchester’s thriving and diverse energy sector. With their cutting-edge technologies and practical solutions, the future of energy sector in Manchester looks bright and sustainable.

Written by Mark Smith

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