Revolutionizing Renewable Energy: Spotlight on Rio De Janeiro Corporations

The world continues to strive for cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy. This pursuit for renewable energy resources has shaped the landscape of various industries. Brazil is one country that holds a significant position in the renewable energy industry, from hydroelectric power to wind energy. This series brings the spotlight onto companies in Rio de Janeiro, the lively city that is growing as a crucial hub for renewable energy companies. We focus on companies engaged in diverse sectors – from green energy to tech giants making a difference.

These dynamic businesses are redefining the future of energy in Rio and the entire globe, backed by their innovative solutions, sustainable practices, and industry-leading operations. Here, we showcase some of the most exciting companies pioneering the drive towards renewable energy. They prove that the future of energy generation can be both sustainable and productive.

Leading this progression towards cleaner energy, these companies have set a viable precedent for others to follow. By striving for sustainability while maintaining efficiency and production, they encapsulate the future of the global energy industry.


Neoenergia is a group of businesses operating across the energy chain of generation, transmission, commercialization, and distribution of electrical energy. Their services include distribution and electricity generation. They signify the many ways in which companies can incorporate renewable energy into their business. Find out more about Neoenergia via their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn


Founded by Getulio Vargas, Eletrobras operates and maintains a host of power plants, including hydroelectric, thermal, nuclear, and wind/solar power plants. Additionally, they manage programs such as Procel, Luz para Todos (Light for All), and Proinfa. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

ENGIE Brazil

Being the country’s largest private power generator, ENGIE operates an installed capacity of 11,059 MW in 31 power plants throughout Brazil. The Group has 90% of its installed capacity in the country from clean, renewable resources. Interact with ENGIE Brazil via their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

CHP Brasil

Founded in 2011 by Bruno Richter, Fábio França, Guilherme Richter, and Leonardo Mauro Jr, CHP Brasil focuses on offering products for the generation of energy through alternative and less polluting sources. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook

PhDsoft Tecnologia

PhDsoft Tecnologia is a tech company that develops software for managing large structures. The company began operations in 2000 and has its headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. To learn more about the company, visit their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn


BioHack is a young start-up that focuses on transforming waste into clean and sustainable energy, with neutral greenhouse gas emissions. They based their operation on the premise that there is no waste, only inefficiently allocated resources. For more insights, follow them on LinkedIn


SolarGrid is a company in the solar energy sector, aiming to provide renewable and green energy solutions. You can connect with SolarGrid on their Facebook and LinkedIn


Cepel is a research center for electrical energy. They conduct studies in a range of areas, including energy optimization, asset management, and system automation. Further, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Vitaltec Engenharia

Vitaltec Engenharia provides advanced solutions in water purification and effluent treatment. Founded in 2014, the company especially focuses on sustainable development in the industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. Connect with Vitaltec Engenharia through their LinkedIn


A player in the renewable energy industry, Win is engaged in the energy, manufacturing, and wholesale sectors. You can learn more about Win through their Facebook and LinkedIn

Elecnor do Brasil

Elecnor do Brasil operates in the construction, infrastructure, and renewable energy industries. To learn more about the company, check out their LinkedIn

Written by Mark Smith

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