Cologne-Based Pioneers Propel German Renewable Energy Industry Forward

The renewable energy industry is thriving in Germany with several leading organizations pushing the frontiers of innovation. These companies are instrumental in developing and utilizing green technologies to transition towards a more sustainable future. Today, we turn our spotlight on Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen – a city housing several notable ventures in the renewable energy sector.

Whether it’s promoting energy efficiency, exploring solar power, or revolutionizing billing processes, these companies have a shared goal of leveraging renewable energy for a better tomorrow. Let’s delve into these organizations, their unique offering in the renewable energy industry and their contribution to a more sustainable life.

Listed below are some of the pioneering companies in the renewable energy industry that call Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, home.


Founded by Ernesto Garnier and Markus Reinhold, EINHUNDERT Energy is a leading organization in the renewable energy domain. The company provides smart services around green and a digital energy supply. Offering a complete package of tenant electricity, coupled with transparent energy billing, EINHUNDERT Energy uses its dedicated app to monitor power consumption from buildings, allowing tenants to keep their consumption under control and property managers to maintain a general stream. [LinkedIn] [Facebook] [Twitter]


GreenPocket is an agile startup using innovative technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science to provide its customers with smart energy software. The company’s mission is to shape a sustainable future by generating crucial added values for utilities and their business and residential customers. GreenPocket has already contributed substantially to the digitalization of the energy industry with creative and intuitive software solutions. [Website] [LinkedIn] [Facebook] [Twitter]

Planted Green

By planting mixed forests in Germany and offsetting its subscribers’ ecological footprint, Planted Green allows customers to become climate positive. In addition to its environmental function, the organization does significant educational work to raise awareness and reduce overall emissions. [LinkedIn] [Facebook]


Founded by Bastian Bauwens, Michael Peters, and Vigen Nicogosian, Sunvigo aims to provide cheap solar power from the roof and real green power from the grid. [LinkedIn] [Facebook]

Bavarva and Company

Combining technology, farming, and renewable energy, Bavarva and Company provides sustainable options such as in-house farming to increase resource efficiency and offer more flexibility.


Founded by Yüksel Sirmasac, ROCKETHOME offers holistic product solutions and business models for the smart home, energy IoT, and proptech market. They strive to create unique user experiences by connecting applications, devices, and services. [Twitter]

nkt cables

nkt cables is a global supplier to the energy sector. They develop, produce, and market high-quality cables, accessories, and solutions for various industries, contributing significantly to the renewable energy sector. [LinkedIn] [Twitter]


Enermeter GmbH provides energy management software to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency. [Facebook] [Twitter]

De Raj Group

De Raj Group is another notable organization in the renewable energy industry. [Facebook]


Energiegewinner is a thriving company in the energy and renewable energy sector. [LinkedIn] [Facebook] [Twitter]


Along with providing various types of lights and media controls, LightLife also offers services in renewable electricity energy. [Facebook]

These prominent companies in Cologne, Nordrhein-Westfalen, are implementing innovative ideas and are crucial players in the renewable energy sector. Their efforts not only promote green energy solutions but also significantly contribute to a more sustainable future.

Written by Mark Smith

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