Revolutionizing Recycling: Spotlight on Akron’s Innovative Waste Management Companies

In the modern world, where overconsumption has led to an excessive amount of waste, recycling has become more critical than ever. Companies in the recycling sector play a pivotal role, using technology to effectively repurpose waste and give it a new life. Akron, Ohio is home to some of these innovative companies pioneering change in the recycling industry. These companies not only protect our environment but also actively contribute to the economy’s growth and sustainability.

The city of Akron, also known as the “Rubber City” due to its history in the tire and rubber industry, has evolved to be at the forefront of waste management and recycling. Transitioning from traditional recycling methods, the companies in Akron are adopting advanced technologies, raising the bar for recycling practices worldwide. Let’s delve into the operations and accomplishments of some of these Akron-based companies.

Each company has a unique story – driven by a mission to reshape the future of waste management, promote circular economy, and create sustainable practices. From transforming waste plastic into petrochemical products to facilitating organic compost services, these Akron, Ohio companies have carved out a niche in the recycling industry.

Alterra Energy

As an innovator in the technology-driven recycling space, Alterra Energy leads in developing and commercializing continuous recycling technology. The company transforms waste plastic into valuable petrochemical products, transitioning from the traditional and considerably damaging plastic disposal methods. Alterra Energy is playing a significant role in Chemical, Energy, and Renewable Energy Sectors. You can follow Alterra Energy on Twitter at @AlterraEnergy, visit their Facebook page and check their LinkedIn profile for more information.

Auris Noble

A vertically integrated recovery facility, Auris Noble manages valuable and strategic elements produced across various sectors. Its services include recycling aerospace materials, refining precious metals, and offering consultation on contract R&D, among others. The broad spectrum of its services across Industrial, Precious Metals and Recycling sectors has made it an indispensable part of the Akron industrial landscape. More about Auris Noble can be found on its LinkedIn page.

Chute Source

Operating in Manufacturing, Product Design, and Recycling, Chute Source is another proud Akron, Ohio-based company.

Pinnacle Recycling

Pinnacle Recycling is a prominent player in Recycling, Waste Management, and Wholesale sectors. The company offers services like confidential document shredding, recycling equipment sales and installation, and metal and e-scrap recycling. They ensure efficiency, minimize warehouse costs, and help businesses maximize their recycling potential. Follow Pinnacle Recycling on Twitter at @PinnacleRecycle, visit their Facebook page or their LinkedIn profile.

Tri County Pallet

Tri County Pallet works in the Consulting, Recycling, Retail, and Wholesale sectors. Learn more about them on their Facebook page or LinkedIn page.

Rubber City Reuse

Founded by Benjamin McMillan and Hailey Skraba, Rubber City Reuse specializes in waste management, focusing specifically on collection, disposal, reuse, and sustainability. They collect organic waste and convert it into compost, contributing to local soil rebuilding and landfill diversion. Learn more about their mission and progress on their Facebook page.

Buckeye Waste Industries

Buckeye Waste Industries provides comprehensive waste management services, including contract hauling, and offers a variety of dumpster rental and waste disposal options. They are a valued contributor to Recycling, Transportation, and Waste Management industries. Be sure to check out their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile for more information.

Written by Mark Smith

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