Fremont’s Innovative Recycling Companies Shape Future Sustainable Technology Industry

The city of Fremont, California, is making a name for itself as a hub for innovative recycling companies. These companies have gone a long way towards establishing the city as a leading player in the green tech industry, through their ventures in electronics recycling, IT asset management, and waste management, among other areas. What follows is an exploration of some of the key players in Fremont’s recycling scene.

Together, these companies represent a forward-thinking approach to waste management, emphasizing the importance of recycling and repurposing materials that would otherwise contribute to landfill waste. With a shared commitment to sustainable business practices and community well-being, these Fremont-based companies embody the positive potential of the recycling industry.

By investing in these sustainable practices, they are not just helping the environment. They are also paving the way for new job opportunities and economic growth in the region, showing that profit and sustainability can indeed go hand in hand. Here are seven standout examples:

Arrow Recovery Group

Located at 46025 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, Arrow Recovery Group specializes in recycling. Though information about their founders and social media presence is sparse, their commitment to green practices is evident through their operations.

Excess Logic

Founded by Albert Golukhov and Victor Gichun, Excess Logic provides a range of facilities support services and professional services in addition to recycling and waste management. They have built a reputation for being a one-stop solution for surplus equipment and excess inventory. Connect with them at Facebook or LinkedIn.

StarPC Excess

StarPC Excess, though lacking a company description and a list of founders, operates within various sectors including consulting, data center, data storage, information technology, and of course, recycling. Its clear from their industry coverage that they are at the crossroads of technology and recycling.

Evergreen IT Solutions

An asset management company, Evergreen IT Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services including electronic recycling pick-up services, e-waste recycling services, IT and medical equipment buyback programs, and more. Engage with them through their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Direct Resource Management

Providing legal electronics recycling and data protection solutions, Direct Resource Management is an information technology asset disposition and electronic waste recycling company. Keep updated with their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Vision Recycling

Founded by Tom Del Conte, Vision Recycling focuses on green waste and wood debris recycling. They sell compost, soil amendment, mulch, and wood chip products. Vision Recycling can be reached through their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

Surplus Service

Having positioned itself as the UpcyclIT® leader, Surplus Service specializes in ITAD, medical recycling, electronic liquidation, reverse logistics and data eradication. Learn more about their remarkable recycling solutions via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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