Revolutionizing Nairobi’s Recycling Scene: Innovative Kenyan Companies Leading the Way

The vibrant city of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital and largest city, is not only known as the gateway to the Safari hub, but also a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Often praised as a critical player in East Africa’s emerging market, Nairobi is specifically excelling in the recycling industry, where a number of flourishing companies have made groundbreaking strides. These enterprises, hailed as paragons of recycling and waste management, are setting a new paradigm for sustainable business models. The city boasts everything from organizations recycling plastic waste into construction materials, to companies turning waste cooking oil into biodiesel. The following article highlights eight forward-thinking recycling companies that call Nairobi home.

Mr. Green Africa

Founded by Karim Debabe and Keiran Smith, Mr. Green Africa is driving a sustainability revolution in the field of Environmental Engineering, Recycling, and Waste Management. Their vision is to redefine the perception of waste by creating economic value while addressing social and environmental challenges. Their products come with traceable social and environmental impact certificates that encapsulates their commitment to keeping the environment clean and green.

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A brainchild of Bryan Lukano, Zijani operates in the CleanTech, Recycling, and Waste Management industry with a staunch principle of conserving our environment. The company has taken a significant leading role in recycling waste cooking oil into more sustainable and renewable products, thereby proving that waste indeed has value and can be harnessed in an innovative manner.

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EcoPost Limited Kenya

EcoPost Limited Kenya, Founded by Lorna Ruttoh, is pioneering a shift in the Manufacturing, Recycling, and Service Industry by turning waste plastic into eco-friendly plastic lumber. Their innovative approach provides a solution to pressing socioeconomic and environmental challenges.

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Chandaria Industries

Chandaria Industries is a symbol of versatility and innovation in the Kenyan industry sector, spanning across Chemical, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Medical Device, Recycling, and Waste Management. They pride themselves in manufacturing a large array of hygiene products and have achieved Superbrands status with brands like Velvet.

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East African Compliant Recycling

Founded in December 2013, the East African Compliant Recycling is a leader in electronic waste recycling in the East and Central Africa region. The company operates a network of collection centers that not only complies with local and NEMA regulations but also provides clients with a certificate of recycling.

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Brightgreen is a pioneer in the Energy, Environmental Consulting, Manufacturing, Recycling, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability sectors. Despite little information on their founders and bio, Brightgreen is known for its commendable contributions towards environmental sustainability.

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Elikham Systems

Details on the founders of Elikham Systems are scanty, but the company is well-known for its involvement in the fields of Recycling, Waste Management, and Water Purification. Elikham Systems stands as an appreciated name in Nairobi’s recycling industry.

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Written by Mark Smith

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