Melbourne’s Pioneering Recycling Firms Redefining Victoria’s Sustainable Future


When most hear about the environmental sector, their first thoughts often spring to renewable energy or conservation efforts. However, an equally vital part of this industry is recycling. Exciting businesses are innovating in this space daily, striving to shape a greener future for all. This article highlights several trailblazing companies based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, raising the bar in the recycling sector, from small startups to established giants.

Who Gives a Crap

Who Gives a Crap is a pioneer in the consumer goods and recycling sectors born out of an ethos of simplicity and giving back to the world. Co-founded by Danny Alexander and Simon Griffiths in 2012, this dynamic company produces eco-friendly toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels. The founders donate part of their profits to water and sanitation projects in developing countries. In effect, this company acts as a two-fold force for good, simultaneously reducing forest degradation and contributing to humanitarian efforts.

Cleanaway Waste Management

The commercial and waste management sector has also seen innovative strides, with Cleanaway Waste Management delivering top-tier recycling, waste management, and industrial services in Australia. They are industry leaders in the eclectic treatment of various solid waste streams, including recyclables, general waste, construction and demolition waste, etc. Their approach combines professional service with a deep commitment to the environment.

Mobile Monster

In the realm of electronics recycling, Mobile Monster shines. Their mission is uncomplicated: to offer a simple and sustainable means for all to sell, recycle, and trade their smartphones. They have managed to create a straightforward, user-friendly platform where both working and non-working smartphones can find a new lease on life. Rather than adding to electronic waste, old phones become a source of renewed cash flow for their owners.

Single Use Ain’t Sexy

Single Use Ain’t Sexy is a unique company making significant strides in the recycling, manufacturing, and consumer goods sectors. Their work is progressive and vital, highlighting the importance of rethinking and reducing single-use items in our daily lives.

Fieldmans Waste Management

Tackling waste with incredible proficiency, Fieldmans Waste Management provides a wide range of professional skip bin hire services in Melbourne. From commercial rubbish removal to specialised recycling services, Fieldmans has the expertise and resources to handle a variety of waste disposal needs. Their commitment to minimising environmental impact is a centerpiece of their operations.

Future Energy Investments

Future Energy Investments is a leading business in the energy, pollution control, recycling, and waste management sectors. They champion progressive initiatives with a forward-thinking approach to dealing with waste and transforming it into valuable resources.

MHM Metals

At the intersection of machinery manufacturing, recycling, and the broader manufacturing industry lives MHM Metals. This firm is forging a new path by reimagining value in unexpected places. Their dedication to finding and implementing solutions in the mineral resources sector is impressive.

IKON Services Australia

IKON Services Australia is a prominent business in the commercial, waste management, and recycling sector. They deliver exceptional cleaning and facility management services, balancing efficiency and a personalized touch for public and private sectors.


If one thing’s for sure, it’s that BottleCycler makes recycling simpler for the hospitality industry. With their on-site glass crushing machines, bottle recycling becomes a natural part of a venue’s operations rather than a chore.


Jumbocorp is a key player in Melbourne’s recycling, waste management, and construction industries. They undertake innovative projects with a commitment to improving environmental sustainability and waste management practices.

Simply Cups

Finishing strong is Simply Cups, a company at the heart of environmental consulting and recycling sector. Their mission is embedded in their name and their work: to simple but significant part of daily life — cups — and making it greener.

Written by Mark Smith

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