Revolutionizing Mining: Emerging Denver-Based Companies Defining The Future


The mining industry is one of the oldest and yet is still critical for our day-to-day lives, feeding into multiple sectors from technology to construction. Known for its rich history in the mining industry, Denver, Colorado, boasts an impressive roster of companies that are contributing to advances in the field. In this article, we take a closer look at some of these industry leaders and innovators that are transforming mining and resource extraction in the 21st century.

As we delve into the contributions that these companies offer, we will explore the varying areas that they influence. This includes not only traditional mining but diversified sectors such as precious metals, clean energy, high-tech mineral processing, investment, water technology, and more. Each company plays a unique role in driving the future of the mining industry and contributing to a sustainable future.

Our exploration will span across companies such as Gatos Silver, Big Blue Technologies, Stout Street Capital, Joshua Water Technology, and others. All highly respected in their fields, these companies are pushing the boundaries of technology and policy to make mining more efficient, safer, and more sustainable. Let’s dig deeper to discover more about each company and their achievements.

Gatos Silver

Focused on precious metals production, Gatos Silver recently commissioned its first mine in the Los Gatos District in Mexico. With expectations of producing an average of 12.2 million silver equivalent ounces annually, Gatos Silver is set to be a significant player in precious metals mining. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Ridgeline Royalties

Working in the intersection of clean energy and mining, Ridgeline Royalties provides capital to the crucial battery metals industry. Operating from Denver since 2020, they are playing a crucial role in advancing clean energy solutions. Stay connected with them on LinkedIn.

Big Blue Technologies

Specializing in high-temperature thermal processes, Big Blue Technologies upgrades minerals and ores into metals and ceramics. They are at the forefront in developing thermal magnesium metal production processes. You can follow their journey on LinkedIn.

Stout Street Capital

Stout Street Capital is a seed-stage fund that makes intelligent investments in early-stage technology companies innovating in an array of industries including mining. Their focus on under-served markets, particularly in the Rocky Mountain region, makes them a critical catalyst in this industry.

Geovic Mining Corp

Geovic Mining Corp is an exploration company that holds exclusive production rights to seven large cobalt-nickel-manganese deposits. A standout player in critical metal supply chains, you can stay updated with them on LinkedIn.

Joshua Water Technology

Joshua Water Technology operates through its division Genesis Water, supplying high-speed dewatering solutions for both dredging and mining operations, rooted in Denver, Colorado since 2010.

Eastern Resources

Eastern Resources is a regional mining company targeting aggressive growth using their assets and knowledge of Montana’s precious metals landscape. Connect with them for updates on LinkedIn.

Resolute Energy Corporation

Resolute Energy Corporation is a key player in the field of energy and mining, with a keen focus on renewable energy and solar.

Discovery Natural Resources LLC

A force in the energy and mining industries, Discovery Natural Resources LLC blends its focus between renewable energy and traditional mining operations.

Royal Gold

Royal Gold is in the business of acquiring and managing precious metals royalties, owning royalties on numerous properties around the world. Stay tuned to their updates via their Twitter account.

Felix Energy

Felix Energy is a private exploration and production company creating value from onshore U.S. projects. They’re a significant player in renewable energy and the oil and gas sector. Follow them on LinkedIn for more.


Written by Mark Smith

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