Chicago’s Leading Innovators in Tech-Driven Mining Industry Operations

Chicago, Illinois is an epicenter for innovation and technological advancement in a range of industries. Among these, the mining industry is uniquely impacted, with a multitude of companies choosing to make Chicago their home base. This industry, while traditionally associated with physical extraction of minerals, has seen a significant shift towards the incorporation of modern technology, including data analytics, artificial intelligence, and even cryptocurrency.

The integration of these technologies within the realm of mining forms a critical aspect of what we at Futurology define as “bleeding technology”–the cutting edge fusion of diverse technological fields to reinvent and revolutionise traditional industries. This piece takes a closer look at several such pioneering organizations operating within Chicago’s mining industry. Through their distinct approaches to tech, these companies are shaping the future, one data point or bitcoin, at a time.

We’ve profiled some of these industry leaders below to provide a comprehensive understanding of their offerings, founders, and strategic vision. As we delve into the unique proposition of each firm, we aim to provide industry enthusiasts with key insights into the transformative potential that these companies bring to the table.

Narrative Science

Narrative Science, founded by Kristian Hammond, Larry Birnbaum, Nick Beil, and Stuart Frankel, is at the forefront of integrating Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Mining, and Software. Their ingenious software generates comprehensible reports from data, translating numbers into knowledge. Narrative Science, follow them on Facebook or check out their detailed profile on LinkedIn.

Blockware Solutions

Blockware Solutions, co-founded by Mason Jappa, Matt D’Souza, and Sam Chwarzynski, is a prominent player in the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Mining Technology industry. They offer bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining services along with professional Mining and Staking Pool operations. To know more about their services, follow Blockware Solutions on Facebook or check out their detailed profile on LinkedIn.


Operating in the Cryptocurrency, Mining Technology, and Software sector, Honeyminer has earned its reputation for easily accessible crypto-mining solutions. Stay updated with Honeyminer on their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter @gethoneyminer.


Navier specializes in mining digital currencies and implementing data centers for projects centered on financial technologies and alternative assets, with a keen focus on operational efficiency.

Data Products LLC

Focused on Data Science consultancy and R&D, Data Products empowers organizations with objective insights, a tailored approach, and a deep understanding of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Stay updated with them on their Facebook page or follow their updates on LinkedIn.

The AnyLogic Company

The AnyLogic Company creates simulation software for business applications. Andrei Borshchev, one of the founders, has led the company to becoming top-tier in the industry with its innovative cloud-based experimentation capabilities and computing power. More details about the company are available on LinkedIn.

Hoodie Analytics

Hoodie Analytics offers deep operational insights for businesses operating in the cannabis sector. Established by Wes Shepherd, Hoodie Analytics employs years of expertise in cannabis along with e-commerce intelligence and market measurement methodologies. Get a glimpse of their work on Instagram or LinkedIn.

Independence Tube

Founded by David Grohne, Independence Tube Corporation is known for manufacturing square, rectangular, and round structural steel tubing throughout North America. Further information about the company can be found on their LinkedIn page.

Evraz Inc North America

Founded by Roman Abramovich, Evraz Inc North America comes with a rich legacy in the traditional mining sector. Stay socially connected with Evraz Inc North America for all the latest Facebook updates or check out their LinkedIn page.

Century Aluminum

Century Aluminum Company has a primary focus on manufacturing aluminum, managing facilities in both the U.S. and Iceland. Check out their LinkedIn profile for more insights about the company.

Coeur Mining Inc.

Coeur Mining Inc. specializes in silver production along with gold production and has multiple global assets. Remain connected with the company through their Facebook page or follow them on @coeurmining on Twitter.

Written by Mark Smith

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