Revolutionizing Glasgow’s Energy Sector: Innovations in United Kingdom’s Power Industry

Glasgow, renowned for its vivacious culture, history, and a rapidly growing crop of thriving new companies, is home to some of the most interesting and innovative energy companies in the UK. These companies are playing an instrumental role in the global transition towards a more sustainable and efficient energy future. In this article, we explore some of the distinguished energy startups based in Glasgow City, providing a glimpse into the transformative work they are involved in and how they are contributing to the industry.

From revamping grid technology to repurposing coffee grounds for energy production, these companies are breaking barriers, challenging norms, and introducing groundbreaking ideas. They showcase creativity, resilience, a shrewd understanding of the ever-evolving energy landscape and an unfaltering commitment to sustainability. Now, let us delve into the industries and companies shaping Glasgow’s energy landscape.

Smarter Grid Solutions

Founded by Alan Gooding, Bob Currie, and Graham Ault, Smarter Grid Solutions, is in the Electrical Distribution, Energy, and Power Grid industry. The company has innovatively designed solutions for electricity distribution companies to manage Distributed Energy Resources (DER). Interestingly, Smarter Grid Solutions is also a pioneer of Active Network Management approach, an exciting prospect in grid management. The company is headquartered in Glasgow and operates additional offices in London and New York. You can follow their updates on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Revive Eco

Revive Eco is an innovator in the Environmental Consulting and Renewable Energy industry, unexpectedly deriving energy production from used coffee grounds. Headquartered in Glasgow, Revive Eco launched on a modest ambition of finding uses for coffee beyond our morning cup, little knowing it would pave a new way in sustainable energy. Keep track of what they’re up to on their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Kite Power Systems

Kite Power Systems, founded by Bill Hampton, is making waves in the Renewable and Wind Energy field. The company has designed a resourceful and efficient twin-kite system to harness wind energy, aiming to deliver clean energy at lower costs and using less material than traditional wind turbines. Follow their progress on Facebook, LinkedIn, or wrap your head around the intriguing technology on Twitter.

Myriad Wind Energy Systems

Steered by a mission to develop next-generation high-performance wind turbines, Myriad Wind Energy Systems has introduced smaller components that ease manufacturing, transportation, and installation processes for wind turbines. You can learn more about their work on their LinkedIn page.


Innovatium is a dynamic technology company that operates in the Energy, Industrial Manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy industry. Headquartered in Glasgow, the company has a prime focus on renewable energy, continually seeking innovative solutions within the sector. Innovatium is also active on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Johnnie Andringa, Gaia-Wind is a specialist in designing and manufacturing small wind turbines. Originally a Danish company, the now Glasgow-based organization has sold more than 500 of its wind turbines worldwide to date. Keep up with their progress on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

Integrated Environmental Solutions

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), founded by Don McLean, offers consultancy and 3D performance analysis software for designing energy efficient buildings. This Glasgow based firm is leveraging technology for creating sustainable cities and uncovering hidden cost, energy, and carbon savings. Get to know more about their work on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Founded in Glasgow by Ian Irvine and Steve McDonald, SgurrEnergy offers consultancy, engineering, and measurement services to developers and funders of renewable energy projects. You can keep up with their latest developments on their Facebook page.

SSE Renewables

SSE Renewables is making a significant contribution in the Energy, Renewable Energy, and Sustainability industries with operations rooted in Glasgow. You can follow their updates on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Smart Metering Systems

Offering a wide range of services, from managing installation of gas and/or electricity supply to procurement, installation and management of the meter asset, data collection and ongoing energy management services, Smart Metering Systems leaves no stone unturned in the industrial energy sector. They can also be found on LinkedIn.


Founded by Kevin McBarron, Sulmara specializes in Consulting, Energy, Energy Management, Marine Technology, and Professional Services. Based in Glasgow, the company is set to tackle energy entities in innovate ways. You can follow Sulmara’s progress on LinkedIn.

In a world grappling with environmental challenges, Glasgow stands as a beacon in the global response to climate change. Each of these Glasgow-based companies are propelling the energy sector into a more sustainable, efficient, and vibrant future. With their innovative solutions, they are not just representing Glasgow’s transition towards clean energy, but also helping shape the global energy landscape.

Written by Mark Smith

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