Revolutionary Stavanger Companies Pioneering Norway’s Renewable Energy Landscape

Located in the southern part of Norway, Stavanger, Rogaland is at the heart of the energy industry. Known for its innovation in technology and focus on renewable resources, this region is home to numerous trailblazing companies. Each organization is relentlessly exploring ways to push the boundaries of energy usage and help shape a more sustainable future. Here, we introduce the key players that dominate the Energy Industry in Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway.

Founded by visionary individuals, these companies are making a significant impact regionally and globally. They specialize in various sectors of the energy industry such as oil and gas, renewable energy, analytics, and machine learning. We will delve into the unique offerings, history, and vision of these corporations.

It’s impressive how these companies are capitalizing on technology to revolutionize the energy industry. From harnessing wind energy to developing software for more efficient operations, these are the companies leading the future of energy from Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway.

Norsk Solar

Founded by Murshid M. Ali, Petter S. Berge, and Øyvind L. Vesterdal, Norsk Solar is a Norwegian Renewable Energy company that builds, owns, and operates solar assets in emerging markets. It is currently establishing its presence in the Oslo Stock Exchange and has significant solar plants in Pakistan, Ukraine, and Vietnam. The company is also investing heavily in new floating solar technology to be launched in the Maldives.


Specializing in providing oil, gas, wind energy, and solar power energy, Equinor was founded in 1972 by Eldar Sætre. Its refineries, processing plants and terminals convert crude oil and gas into everyday commodities benefiting consumers across multiple sectors.

Earth Science Analytics

Focused on providing geoscience driven machine learning workflows and software, Earth Science Analytics (ESA) was founded by Behzad Alaei, Dimitrios Oikonomou, and Eirik Larsen. Their data-driven predictions are aimed at providing more efficient, precise and affordable services to the E&P industry.


ClevAir is a company that is combating climate change by focusing on reducing emissions. By combining IoT devices, ML, and their SaaS based tool, they manage heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial real estate. Founded by Jon Rasmussen and Sjur Usken, this company is reducing energy consumption and emissions accordingly.

Written by Mark Smith

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