Revolutionizing Energy: Unveiling Centennial, Colorado’s Innovative Power Industry Pioneers

Centennial, Colorado serves as the headquarters to a variety of energy-related companies that drive innovation, creativity, and advanced solutions in the industry. These companies contribute to the city’s vibrant business culture, offering a blend of unique skills and expertise within the energy industry. This thriving hub of energy and tech operations is central to how we relate and interact with the environment, resources, and technology itself.

From renewable sources and advanced materials to energy management and efficient solutions, these companies embody the spirit of relentless invention and progress. In this article, we take a look at some of the energy sector companies based in Centennial, Colorado, showcasing their advancements and contributions to the industry.

These businesses range from startups to well-established companies and offer unprecedented solutions, refined processes, and innovative products. Each of these companies is a testament to the city’s industrious nature and its contribution to making the world a better place.

Ciris Energy

Founded by Robert A. Downey, Ciris Energy is an innovative player in the Chemical and Information Technology industry, shaping a new future for how electricity is generated. With a focus on the harnessing of hydrocarbon deposits and coal, Ciris Energy has brought about ground-breaking advancements in energy production. Follow Ciris on LinkedIn.


NovoHydrogen has taken strides in the renewable energy sector, with expertise in deploying and commercializing energy transition technologies. With an impressive roster of projects including wind, solar and battery storage assets, they’re at the forefront of energy innovation. Follow NovoHydrogen on LinkedIn.

Westwater Resources

Westwater Resources is all about harnessing energy from advanced materials like lithium and uranium, focusing their efforts on energy-related materials. This company is venturing into developing battery materials sectors and uranium projects, creating a robust paradigm shift in the industry. Follow Westwater Resources on LinkedIn.

ATS Rocky Mountain

Providing top-notch energy management services, ATS Rocky Mountain plays a key role in electronics, energy management, renewable energy, and smart building software solutions. They embrace technology to provide efficient, optimized energy management and automated control systems.Follow ATS Rocky Mountain on Facebook.

East Daley Capital Advisors

Currently, no description about East Daley Capital Advisors is available. You can follow East Daley Capital Advisors updates on LinkedIn.


Specializing in AC and DC electric energy/power sub-meters, Measurlogic is a top-tier manufacturer in the electrical distribution, electronics, energy, and manufacturing industry. Their innovative power solutions are geared towards commercial, industrial, solar and renewable markets. Follow Measurlogic on Facebook.

Running Foxes Petroleum

Devoted to multiple energy sources’ acquisition, exploration, extraction, development, and production, Running Foxes Petroleum specializes in renewable energy and fuel. They are committed to seeking out overlooked areas with nitrogen, methane, and helium-rich natural gas. Follow Running Foxes Petroleum on LinkedIn.

Diogen Lighting

Diogen Lighting is a beacon of light in the electronics and energy industry. They offer long-lasting, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient lighting solutions, adding a touch of modernity to ordinary spaces. Follow Diogen Lighting on LinkedIn.

Halker Consulting

While there is currently no available description for Halker Consulting, one can always follow their updates on their company Facebook page.

Rooney Engineering

The go-to firm for oil and gas pipeline planning and engineering, Rooney Engineering leverages its expertise to offer efficient constructions and energy solutions. While Rooney Engineering does not have a social media presence, you can still visit their company website.


SolaRover is a pioneer in the custom manufacturing of mobile solar powered generators. Their facilities cater to a variety of commercial, industrial and emergency applications. Follow SolaRover on Twitter.

Written by Mark Smith

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