Renewable Energy Innovators Thriving in Colorado Springs: Futuristic Approaches Revealed

In innovation-driven Colorado Springs, a growing hub for green and sustainable solutions, there are a number of energy companies making waves. These firms are leading the way in their respective domains, pioneering unique technologies and services that promise to shape the future of the energy industry. In this edition, we focus on some of the prominent energy companies based in beautiful Colorado Springs.

Our highlighted companies offer a wide range of solutions including software for utility cost recovery, oil and gas exploration and development, electrical distribution, customer-centric sustainable energy services, manufacture of hardware for renewable energy solutions, innovative energy-saving software, installation of renewable solar energy, charitable work for clean power and water, drilling partnerships for oil and gas, surplus power generation equipment and services, and of course, development and operation of renewable energy projects.

We invite you to explore this diverse spectrum of companies, which reflects Colorado Springs’ drive towards the dynamic and evolving energy sector. Understanding each company’s unique approach to addressing energy needs will help us appreciate the vast opportunities that lie in this industry.

YES Energy Management

YES Energy Management, co-founded by Chester F. Barnes, leads in providing comprehensive utility cost recovery solutions. Its pioneering presence in the industry enables them to provide customers with what they need both currently and in the future.

Pikes Peak Energy

Founded by Donnie Wisenbaker in 2014, Pikes Peak Energy is an oil and gas exploration company focused on acquiring and developing proven mineral properties. The firm partners with industry players and accredited investors for drilling programs promising substantial returns. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Blazer Electric Supply

The only locally owned independent distributor in the region, Blazer Electric Supply offers responsive and proactive electrical distribution services. They are dedicated to supporting the local community and maintain strong relationships with their clients, suppliers, and employees. Follow their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for updates.

Nova Solar

Founded by Jared Fager in 2021, Nova Solar is dedicated to offering customer-centric sustainable energy solutions. Be sure to check out their LinkedIn.

Springs Fabrication, Inc.

Established by Tom Neppl, Springs Fabrication, Inc. focuses on renewable energy. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Nimbus 9

Colorado-founded Nimbus 9 creates a user-friendly platform that connects energy devices to cloud controls, aimed to save electricity and money. Stay updated on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Solarise Solar

Solarise Solar is dedicated to installing high-output solar panels that save money and avoid the impact of rising electricity rates. Stay connected on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

IX Power Foundation

The IX Power Foundation works towards providing clean power and water for developing regions and emerging economies across the globe. Connect with them on Facebook.

Fusion Resources

Founded in 2011, Fusion Resources is an independent oil and gas company offering excellent drilling partnerships to qualified investors. Stay updated via their LinkedIn page.

Bryan Power Generation Solutions Group

Bryan Power Generation Solutions Group (BPG) is a full-service solutions provider delivering new and used power generation equipment to global clients. Check out their LinkedIn and Facebook for more.

Revolution Energy

Revolution Energy LLC is dedicated to developing and operating renewable energy projects in the United States with a balance between renewable technology, project economics and environmental impacts. Stay connected via their LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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