Revolutionizing Energy Sector: Spotlight on Columbia, South Carolina Enterprises

The future of technology interlocks with the evolution of the energy sector, and there has been a notable rise of progressive companies in this industry, especially those located in Columbia, South Carolina. Innovating across different aspects, they span from renewable energy and biotech to consulting and manufacturing. These companies not only contribute to the economy but also guide us towards a sustainable future. We take a close look at each of these firms, their industry, and their impact on the market.

For this series in Futurology Magazine, we focus on companies headquartered in South Carolina’s capital city, Columbia. These companies are displaying cutting-edge energy solutions and making a significant contribution to technological advancements in the Energy sector. Furthermore, they provide insights into the different directions the Energy industry takes, shaping our technological future.

Highlighted below are nine companies setting benchmark standards in the industry. They cover a gamut of industries: agriculture, biotechnology, commercial industries, electrical distribution, and far reaching into various forms of clean energy.

Agri-Tech Producers

Agri-Tech Producers or ATP, has an exclusive license to innovative torrefaction technology developed by North Carolina State University (NCSU) issued November 2012. ATP’s process cost-effectively converts cellulosic biomass, like wood chips and bio-crops, into a substance. This substance can work as a clean, renewable coal substitute; a superior feedstock for making stronger, more energy-dense, and water-repellent energy pellets; and as a superior feedstock from which to make bio-fuels, using gasification methods.

Central Electric Power Cooperative

The Central Electric Power Cooperative, based in Columbia, South Carolina, strides in the Commercial, Electrical Distribution, Energy industry. Their LinkedIn profile can be found here.


ImaGEN is an Energy, Manufacturing, Natural Resources, Renewable Energy company headquartered in Columbia. More about the firm can be found on their Linkedin page.

Skaikru Energy

Another Columbia-based firm, Skaikru Energy, makes strides in the Energy, Residential, Solar industries. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Doty Energy

Doty Energy, founded by F. David Doty, is a forerunner in the Clean Energy, Energy, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy industry.


EnerSpex, another Columbia resident, caters to the Consulting, Energy, Recruiting, Staffing Agency industry. The firm recruits and employs professionals who develop training programs for construction and plant upgrade projects. These projects include nuclear training, material development, and examination item development. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Resource Supply Management (RSM)

Resource Supply Management (RSM) is a company headquartered in Columbia, thriving in the Commercial, Energy, Industrial industry.

GreenCage Security

With a different approach to the industry, GreenCage Security aims at innovatively combating a national epidemic of copper theft for outdoor air condensers. They believe in dedicating their resources, innovations, and time to build a more sustainable society. Their progressive stance can be followed on Facebook.

Southern Coker Power

Columbia also hosts Southern Coker Power, known for providing engineering, designing, installation, and servicing of solar, battery storage systems, and backup generators. Their Facebook page can be found here.

Written by Mark Smith

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