Revolutionizing Energy Industry: Chuo, Hokkaido’s Pioneering Technological Innovators

There’s a rising trend of innovative companies specialising in the Energy sector. From fuel efficiency to biomass energy, many companies are making impressive strides in this vital industry. However, Chuo, Hokkaido, Japan is unique, teeming with a variety of companies that stand at the forefront of the energy sector. This article will explore some of these companies, shedding light on their operations, engagements, and contributions to the industry. Through this series, we will delve deep into the companies making waves in the energy industry right from the heart of Chuo, Hokkaido.

Hokkaido, the second largest island of Japan, is renowned for its lush natural beauty and resources. Situated within it, Chuo is becoming a hub for the energy industry, housing many companies that are very much part of Japan’s energy revolution. What sets these businesses apart is the blend of technology, innovation, and commitment to environmental sustainability shaping their operational philosophy.

Below, you will find a list of companies based in Chuo, Hokkaido, doing remarkable work in the energy sector. Each company will be discussed in detail, including their background, operations, and overall contribution to the industry. From biomass energy production to renewable energy solutions, these companies highlight the energy industry’s diverse potential.


Hipotech engages in environmental plant engineering and renewable energy business. Operating in the intersection of Energy, Environmental Engineering, and Renewable Energy sectors, Hipotech’s commitment to the environment sets it apart in the industry.

Galdieria Co., Ltd.

Founded by Tadashi Tanimoto, Galdieria Co., Ltd. operates in Biomass Energy, Biopharma, Biotechnology, CleanTech, Energy, and Fuel sectors. Although the company maintains low public profiling, their ventures and commitments have significant impact in these sectors.


Eco-Green thrives in the Biomass Energy, Energy, Industrial, and Natural Resources sectors. Follow their progress on Facebook and via their Twitter handle @ecogreen888 to get updates and information about their latest endeavors.


Offering services in Biomass Energy, Business Development, Human Resources, Renewable Energy, Solar and Training industry, Greenway stands as a diverse business that delivers on multiple fronts.

Edison Power

Edison Power operates in the Energy, Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Solar sectors providing solutions and services for its wide audience. To keep up to date with its operations, check out their website.

Terrace Tamel

Founded in 2011, Terrace Tamel is engaged in planning and developing large and portable battery systems. The company does not currently have a website but has made significant strides in the Battery and Energy Storage sector.

Fuel Efficiency

Efficiency is at the heart of everything Fuel Efficiency does. Their work in the Energy, Environmental Consulting, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas sectors is commendable. Find out more about their initiatives from their website or through their Facebook page.

Frontier O’s

Frontier O’s has made notable contributions in the Consulting, Energy, Manufacturing, Sales sectors with their unique services and pioneering initiatives.


Founded by Yoshiaki Yamamoto, Aryor is known for its ventures in Energy, Software, and Solar sectors. Their strategic solutions and services have been helping to shape energy’s future.

Written by Mark Smith

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