Revolutionizing Energy: Pioneering Germantown, Maryland Based Companies in Focus

The energy industry in Germantown, Maryland, is a testament to the union of innovative technology and sustainable practices. Home to a myriad of companies focusing on renewable energy, big data, information technology, and much more, this flourishing hub is essentially demonstrating the future of energy. From improving the efficiency of our electric grid to developing clean and renewable energy sources from unconventional materials, these companies continue to pave the way forward.

Our exploration takes us to nine notable companies contributing to the energy sector based in Germantown. Employing a collaborative approach to their work and holding sustainability as a foundational principle, these companies exemplify the pioneering spirit of Germantown’s energy industry.

In this article, we delve into their origins, ventures, and contributions to the energy sector, hoping to shed light on their individual journeys so far, and their collective impact on global energy development.


Providing Smart Grid solutions for electric utilities worldwide, CURRENT Group offers sensing technology, two-way high-speed communications, monitoring and analytics services that help reduce costs, increase reliability and improve the environment. Their solutions also provide Internet access and voice services from any electric outlet. You can learn more about CURRENT Group on their LinkedIn page and Facebook profile.

Current Communications Group

Just like CURRENT Group, the Current Communications Group also provides integrated Smart Grid solutions with advanced technology and analytics. As a fully-integrated communications service provider, they can offer high-performance broadband services throughout every home or office.

Alt Energy Stocks

Specialists in renewable energy research, Alt Energy Stocks provides high-quality insights into alternative energy and clean technology companies. These include companies focused on the production of clean energy and the development of cleantech innovations. For regular updates follow Alt Energy Stocks on Twitter.


Established by Warren Dewhurst, Dewhurst offers services ranging from energy consulting and geothermal energy to exploration and development. Their broad scope of services includes economic and financial feasibility analysis, drilling operations preparation, engineering and supervision, and wellsite geology. Connect with them on Twitter @dggeothermal and on LinkedIn.

National Energy & Gas Transmission

National Energy & Gas Transmission is contributing to the renewable energy sector. Although little is known regarding their current projects, their intent on developing clean energy is clear.

Eka Systems

Founded by M. B. Anand and Prakash Chakravarthi, Eka Systems specializes in creating energy data communications networks that enhance utility operations and energy management. As global manufacturers, they deliver self-managing smart networks that provide detailed monitoring and control of metering and data for electric, water, and gas utilities. Follow Eka Systems on Twitter @etn_electrical and Facebook @etn_electrical for more updates.

Flow Utility Management

Flow Utility Management, as the name implies, specializes in energy management with a unique focus on property management software. More can be discovered about them on their LinkedIn page and Facebook profile.

Mr. Fusion

Bringing an innovative approach to renewable energy, Mr. Fusion is developing a system to convert household waste into a clean energy source. This integrated, ready-to-use system eliminates waste and generates clean energy simultaneously. Stay updated with their progress on LinkedIn.

These Germantown-based companies are a testament to the innovation and growth within the energy sector. Each organization’s unique approach, from providing high-quality research to creating innovative energy solutions, contributes to the advancement of the industry, driving progress towards sustainable and efficient energy usage.

Written by Mark Smith

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