Exploring El Paso’s Cutting-Edge Energy Industry Innovations: A Futurology Insight

El Paso, Texas, serves as the headquarters-base for a series of diversified companies operating in the energy sector. From solar power to oil and gas, these El Paso-based organizations have been at the forefront of their respective industries, implementing innovative strategies to ensure a sustainable and efficient energy future. In this article feature, we highlight exemplary companies that have garnered attention in the Energy field while being headquartered in El Paso, shining a light on their contributions and remarkable efforts in reshaping the energy landscape.

The common factors uniting these diverse companies are their location in El Paso – the sixth-largest city in Texas – and their strides toward energy sustainability and efficient energy management. By examining these corporations and their operations more closely, we can gain substantial insight into the energy industry’s prevailing trends, challenges, and opportunities, through a local lens. This exploration aims to serve as a comprehensive guide to understanding the pivotal role of El Paso-based energy companies.

The list encompasses a wide spectrum of industries within the Energy sector, including Energy Management, Natural Resources, Logistics, Oil and Gas, Software, and several more. Be it manufacturing of renewable energy solutions or advanced automated controls, learn more about each company and their unique capabilities down below.

El Paso Networks

El Paso Networks is a business-focused company specializing in services like business DSL, wireless internet, nationwide dial-up, t1, t3, web design, and service checks. The company excels in providing personalized services, even deploying a group of freelance consultants to meet clients’ unique needs. Though recognized for its control in the Energy Management and Natural Resources scenes, El Paso Networks has a diverse portfolio that places them at the competitive edge of the industry.

Western Refining

With a central focus on fueling the lives of their customers, Western Refining stands as a sterling example of a successful independent oil refiner and marketer. Founded by Paul Foster and proudly headquartered in El Paso, Texas, Western Refining has built a substantial footprint within the southwestern and western United States. Traded on the New York Stock Exchange since 2006, the company’s robust commitment to enhancing its customer’s lives is evident in their sustained efforts.

PC Automated Controls

An impressive leader in the Electronics and Energy Management scenes, PC Automated Controls, founded by Tom Shelton, provides services that emphasize software. Their website is the best source of information for those interested in knowing more about their offerings.

USOL Energy

A key player in the fields of Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and Solar, USOL Energy delivers solutions that have a remarkable impact on the progression of green energy solutions.

ECC Solar

Specializing in renewable energy, specifically solar, ECC Solar offers superior solar energy solutions. Their cutting-edge technology is designed to be effective and efficient, promoting a cleaner, more sustainable environment for all.

GiGo Transport

Distinctively recognized for its contributions in the Energy, Logistics, Oil and Gas sectors, GiGo Transport assures a steady supply of propane, natural gas, petroleum, gasoline, diesel, and electricity to its extensive clientele.

Control & Equipment Company

A versatile company, Control & Equipment operates across a range of industries including Energy, Industrial Manufacturing, and Service Industry, to name a few. Their services are multi-faceted, offering specialized solutions to their clientele.

Verdant Group

Verdant Group extends its services across Commercial, Electrical Distribution, Energy Efficiency to Industrial fields. Their dedication to energy efficiency and commercial relevance sets them apart from the pack, positioning them uniquely within the El Paso market.

Energy Experts

Energy Experts put their name into action by installing solar panels that increase your home value. Cashing in the free, abundant source of solar energy, they are helping to propel the Renewable Energy industry to new heights.


Apfelbaum dominated the Energy sector by becoming a leading power plant equipment supplier. They have a broad product and service range, from power transformers to high-voltage capacitive air-oil bushings, promoting efficiency and reliability in the industrial energy field.

El Paso Solar Panels

Founded by Alberto Molina and Jessica Measom, El Paso Solar Panels extend solar services resulting in high customer saving and boosting environmental sustainability. With El Paso’s high sunlight exposure annually, their effective solar systems exemplify the valuable potential of renewable energy in our daily lives.

Written by Mark Smith

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