Revolutionizing Energy Management: Miami’s Innovative Powerhouse Corporations

The booming energy management industry has seen considerable growth and expansion in recent years. As we grapple with the impacts of climate change, the need for sustainable and innovative energy solutions has never been greater. Miami, Florida, plays host to a multitude of companies that are paving the way in this sector, offering state-of-the-art technologies and services that promise a more sustainable future. This article is part of a series, highlighting such companies and their unique contributions to the industry.

Energy management refers to regulatory procedures, monitoring systems, and strategies designed to improve an organization’s energy efficiency, usage, and costs. It involves planning and controlling energy-consuming projects within an organization, to help optimize resources, lessen environmental impact, and save costs.

Miami, with its rich business landscape, vibrant community, and strategic location, has become a hotspot for innovative companies in the IT, automotive, healthcare, agriculture, and, of course, energy management sectors. The companies featured in this piece are representatives of the latter, each leaving a distinct mark in the industry. From analytics, and energy storage solutions to development and operation of unlimited size bodies of water, these firms are making headways that will help shape future energy utilization norms.


On.Energy is a Miami-based company operating within the analytics, energy, and energy management sectors. They specialize in the development, construction, and operation of turnkey solutions for smarter energy storage. The company boasts its own analytics and AI-powered energy management software, coupled with extensive industry knowledge, to offer integral solutions for smarter energy storage. Follow their advancements on Facebook and LinkedIn.

World Fuel

Founded by Jerrold Blair and Ralph R. Weiser, World Fuel Services is a global leader in the formatting, marketing and financing of aviation, marine, and ground transportation fuel products and related services. They offer fuel procurement, fuel management, credit and financing, price risk management and a whole host of specialized segment capabilities. They currently have a global network that spans over 8,000 locations worldwide. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to keep up with their constant innovation.

Crystal Lagoons

Crystal Lagoons is a global technology company founded by Fernando Fischmann. The company has patented a revolutionary method to construct and maintain unlimited size bodies of water in crystal clear conditions at low cost, revolutionizing the real estate world, and water and energy production. Crystal Lagoons’ innovative technology is used in over 600 projects across 60 countries, ranging from beach life developments to industrial solutions for closed-circuit cooling systems for thermal power plants. Visit their LinkedIn profile for more information.


Stat-EI, a young company based in Miami, Florida, has a proven patent portfolio in the realm of power grid optimization, renewable energy, and energy storage. The innovative solutions they offer are crucial in the shift towards more sustainable and efficient power usage. Check out their LinkedIn page for more.


Trader is an energy consulting company also situated in Miami, Florida. They operate within both the energy management and renewable energy sectors, providing invaluable advice and strategies to organizations in need.

Latco International

Latco International provides solutions within the clean energy, energy management, and renewable energy sectors. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, they work to revolutionize the way we use energy and to bring us closer to a more sustainable future.

Written by Mark Smith

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