Exploring Taipei’s Pioneering Endeavours in Energy Management Technology

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Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan, is a bustling metropolis that’s not only home to iconic architectural feats but also a burgeoning hub for innovative energy management companies. As global leaders are pushing for a green transformation to achieve sustainability, businesses in Taipei are making significant strides in developing cutting-edge solutions for effective energy management. Welcome to our new series shinning the spotlight on the pioneers in the energy management industry based in Taipei.

The energy management industry encompasses a broad range of sectors, including electric vehicle (EV) technology, renewable energy, energy efficiency, among others. Companies operating in this industry are developing revolutionary technologies and strategies to enhance energy productivity and sustainability. The common goal is to minimize environmental impact while moving the world towards a cleaner, more sustainable future using renewable energy sources, advanced battery technology, and innovative electric vehicle solutions.

We will be diving into the operations of different companies that are making incredible strides in the energy management industry. Each company spotlight will provide an overview of the company’s line of work in energy management, their founders, the services they offer, and contact information. Here’s an insight into some pioneering companies leading the way.


ChargeSmith, founded by Andy Chen, Craig Kuo and Davy Chen, is an innovative company that revolutionizes the EV experience. The company offers EV charging solutions from Home/Public Charging Solution to Charging Map Service, and also engages in EV education with vehicle manufacturers such as Porsche, Volvo, and Jaguar. More recently, ChargeSmith has focused on data analysis for a better charging experience for EV trips and has built up a SaaS subscription of smart charging space management. Find out more about ChargeSmith on: Facebook, Linkedin.

GUS Technology

GUS Technology specializes in the provision of energy management and energy storage solutions. The company offers pouch cells, battery modules, energy storage systems, and energy-related applications. It aims at enabling a smooth switch to renewable energy, EVs, and household energy storage systems while producing customized battery packs and modules and focusing on energy storage.

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Written by Mark Smith

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