Revolutionizing Energy Management: Leading LA-Based Companies’ Futuristic Technologies Unveiled

Today, we showcase a collection of Los Angeles, CA, based businesses operating in the Energy Management Industry. This group demonstrates the incredible diversity and advancements in this sector while pushing the boundaries of energy efficiency. These companies embrace technological innovation to create sustainable solutions that reshape how energy is used and managed.

From innovative mobile apps to advanced power systems engineering solutions, these companies are at the forefront of redefining our relationship with energy. They utilize cutting-edge technologies and methodologies in an effort to manage energy usage more effectively, reduce consumption, and lessen environmental impact.

In this article, we’ll delve into the work, accomplishments, and goals of these businesses, giving you a glimpse into their contributions to the energy management field. Let’s explore the different companies:

Chai Energy

Industry: Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Internet of Things.

Founders: Cole Hershkowitz, Evan Birenbaum, Ka Suen.

Description: Chai Energy uses a mobile app to send accurate and detailed energy usage statistics to users and connected home devices. This collaboration between the Chai Gateway and different energy systems, including smart meters, solar systems and battery systems, enables users to monitor energy consumption effectively and get tips on how to save or conserve energy. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

RMC Water and Environment

Industry: Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management.

Description: RMC Water and Environment is a recognized industry leader in water and environmental consulting, following a comprehensive approach to delivering integrated water solutions. Their future-focused strategies and solutions help municipalities and agencies meet their water, wastewater, and recycled water needs. Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

R & R Electric

Industry: Building Maintenance, Construction, Energy, Energy Management.

Founders: Ricardo Ramos.

Description: R & R Electric, a medium-sized electrical contractor, offers a wide range of services such as design and build construction, value engineering, and competitive firm price quotations. With expertise in energy management, co-generation, and power factor correction, they provide innovative solutions to complex electrical problems.

V&R Energy Systems Research

Industry: CleanTech, Consumer Electronics, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Software.

Description: V&R Energy is renowned for providing advanced power systems engineering solutions to improve the stability and reliability of electrical Transmission and Distribution networks. Established in 1992, they offer a wide range of advanced consulting services, scientific research, and comprehensive software applications for comprehensive power system analysis.


Industry: Energy, Energy Management, Information Technology, Software.

Description: iEnergyIQ pioneers in providing innovative energy management solutions. With their strong IT and software background, they offer software and systems designed to streamline the tracking, analysis, and forecasting of energy consumption. Twitter | LinkedIn


Industry: Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Solar.

Description: US-MOST is dedicated to transforming the energy scenario with their creative solutions in renewable energy and energy management. They specialize in offering efficient solar solutions, shaping a more sustainable future with lower energy costs and less pollution. Twitter | LinkedIn

Written by Mark Smith

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