Exploring Hangzhou’s Pioneering Role in China’s Energy Management Sector

Energy management is a burgeoning industry transforming our relationship with electricity. With advances in technology, the utilization of renewable energy sources is swiftly being integrated into our daily lives. A thriving hub for such technological innovation is Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, home to an array of companies specializing in energy management. This feature will introduce nine revolutionary companies within this sector, providing a snapshot of the incredible progress being made in this part of the world.

These businesses encompass a wide array of industries, including electronics, manufacturing, recycling, and more. Each company is making remarkable strides in the energy management sector, ranging from the development of photovoltaic power station inverter systems to the comprehensive utilization of geothermal energy. As you read about these companies, their achievements, and their aspirations, you will get a sense of the vast array of opportunities and challenges that lie within the area of energy management.

In this article, we will bring you the company profiles, including their locations, industries, descriptions, founders, and links to their websites, social media platforms, and LinkedIn profiles. Some areas might be left blank due to the information not readily available. It is our utmost hope that you find this compilation informative and inspiring.


A Based in Changzhou, Zhejiang, AcKaM specialises in intelligent manufacture of system equipment and steam system integration. Its primary function is to provide a one-stop steam energy intelligent management solution, aimed at realizing safe, efficient, and low-carbon utilization of steam energy. The company was founded in 2007.


Hejiasun is located in Changzhou, operating in the Electronics, Energy, and Energy Management sectors.

Xinzhiyuan Electronic Technology

Xinzhiyuan Electronic Technology based in Changzhou, primarily focuses on the development of photovoltaic power station inverter systems and core chips. Their unique offering is their self-developed special-purpose chips, which boast characteristics of high integration, high reliability, and low cost.

Jinjiang Environment

Based in Hangzhou, Jin Jiang Environmental Holdings Limited is one of China’s leading operators in waste to energy. The company has made headway into creating a sustainable model of producing environmentally-friendly energy.


Operating from Hangzhou, Ecowell focuses on the research and development, promotion, and application of energy system optimization and energy-saving technology.

Tianhong Lithium Battery

Tianhong Lithium Battery is another Hangzhou-based company operating within the Battery, Energy, Energy Management, and Manufacturing sectors.

Zhengtai’an Energy

Zhengtai’an Energy is a Hangzhou-based enterprise prominent in the field of household photovoltaics in China. The company focuses on providing users with one-stop services of system survey, design, installation, operation, and maintenance, utilizing idle residential roof resources for power generation.

Luther Energy

Luther Energy, another Hangzhou-based technology company, focuses comprehensively on the development and utilization of geothermal energy.

Xin Nengliang

Xin Nengliang, based in Hangzhou, operates within the Energy, Energy Management, and Hardware sectors.

Written by Mark Smith

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