Revolutionizing Energy: Innovators from Xian Shi, Shaanxi’s Dynamic Power Sector

Welcome to the next installment of our series focusing on the movers and shakers operating in the global energy industry. For this article, we travel to Xian Shi, Shaanxi, China – the home of not only the Terracotta army but also some of the most significant companies in the energy sector. This region has been a hub of innovation, growth, and global collaboration, attracting some of the world’s top talents and companies. Here, we’ll profile ten companies based in Xian Shi that are making significant strides in the energy sector.

SI Tech

Starting with SI Tech, an electronics and energy management company. They engage in the research and application of related technologies in the field of smart electricity services, providing an array of services from online monitoring to intelligent operations and maintenance.

LONGi Solar

Next, we have LONGi Solar, a global leader in solar monocrystalline silicon wafers, cells, and modules manufacturing. They have fostered partnerships with renowned enterprises and universities to push the boundaries of technical development in the industry. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Northwest Electric Power Design Institute

Moving on to Northwest Electric Power Design Institute, a company operating in the consulting, energy, and oil and gas realm. Visit their Facebook for additional insights into the company.

ShaanXi Coal Industry

The ShaanXi Coal Industry, a mining and metals company, specialises in the process, management, and sale of high-quality power, chemical, and metallurgical coal. They are headquartered in Xi’An and can be connected with via their Linkedin page.

Singularity Energy Technology

Our next company is Singularity Energy Technology, a firm devoted to core technology research and product development in advanced energy storage systems.


Situated also in Xian Shi is Trufun, a supplier of complex software and system development solutions such as software engineering, system engineering, and architecture.


A supplier of solar PV solutions, Longi, offers reliable products and systems, providing holistic solutions for the solar and renewable energy industries. Follow them on Facebook for more information.


Chicon is another esteemed name in the energy and solar industry in Xian Shi.

Wonder Energy Chemical

Specialising in advanced materials, chemical, and energy is the Wonder Energy Chemical. They mainly engage in the production of safe and green process technologies and new functional materials for the chemical industry.

Xingyuan Borui

Finally, we have Xingyuan Borui, a company operating in the segments of Battery, Energy, and Energy Management. Visit their website for more information.

As we traverse through Shaanxi, it is evident that this region holds a great number of innovative and influential energy companies. By continuously pushing boundaries and collaborating globally, they are shaping the future of energy, not only in China but on a global stage. Stay tuned for the next part of our series where we explore more such thriving energy companies around the globe.

Written by Mark Smith

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