Revolutionary Thane-Based Energy Firms Leading the Charge in Indian Futurology

Welcome to a new edition of Futurology, where we delve into the innovation and cutting-edge work of companies making strides in the energy sector. For this edition, we take you to Thane, Maharashtra, a city in India that is home to a number of companies operating in the field of energy. These companies are not only revolutionizing the energy sector but also positively impacting our environment and society as a whole.

Thane, nestled amidst the bustling metropolis of Mumbai is fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of energy. From renewable energy solutions to environmental consulting, there are numerous companies in Thane that are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in energy management and sustainability. Let’s take a closer look at these companies, their remarkable work, and how they are bringing about a change in the world of energy.

In this article, our focus will be on a selection of standout companies operating in different industries within the energy sector in Thane. We’ve gathered insights and details on each of these companies, to give you an in-depth view of their operations, founders, areas of expertise, and how they are making a mark in the global energy landscape.

SSP Advantage

Founded by Praful Wadyalkar, SSP Advantage operates in the renewable energy sector providing all-inclusive solutions after the sale of products. From maintenance to protection plans, SSP Advantage is the one-stop solution for all your needs. Follow their updates on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Manav Energy Pvt Ltd.

Manav Energy Pvt. Ltd., founded by Sonjib Banerjee, is a leader in electrical safety and reliability, protecting valuable life and assets. The company offers a variety of services including survey, design, adequacy study, and much more. Check out the website and their social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Alternative Power Network Solar

Founded by Prafrancis Nadar, Pravin Nadar, APN Solar is a major player in the solar EPC services, offering off-grid solar system as a formidable alternative to grid-tied systems. Follow updates on their Facebook and LinkedIn.

Pipeline Infrastructure

Pipeline Infrastructure is a notable name in the field of energy transportation, especially in the sector of oil and gas. You can learn more about the company on their LinkedIn page.

Vikran Engineering & Exim

Vikran Engineering & Exim is a remarkable EPC company within the Power Sector. With a focus on projects with 400kV voltage levels, it is aiming to establish itself in the domestic power transmission, distribution, and substation market. You can stay updated about the company through its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Pneumsys Advance Energy Solutions

Under the leadership of founder Rajiev Luthra, Pneumsys Advance Energy Solutions is shaping positive changes in the field of renewable energy. Stay updated about the company through its Facebook page.

MSS Powertech

MSS Powertech operates in energy production, specialising in the fields of lighting, manufacturing, and solar power. You can learn more about the company through its Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Arena Consulting

Arena Consulting is a key player in the field of energy consulting, offering expertise in several areas including legal and renewable energy.

Sehat Energy

Founded by Avinash Singh, Sehat Energy operates in the fields of energy, food and beverage, and manufacturing. Follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, and its website for more updates.

Menons Environment Exclusive

Last, but equally important, is Menons Environment Exclusive, founded by Shreelata Menon. This company operates in the field of forestry and renewable energy, supplying retail products crafted with an environmental-conscious approach. Visit their website here for more information.

With each of these companies bringing their unique business models and innovations to the table, Thane is gradually emerging as an energy hub that is paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future. We look forward to bringing you more insights and details about such groundbreaking industries and companies in our future editions.

Written by Mark Smith

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