Revolutionising 3D Technology: Innovative Companies Headquartered in Chengdu, China

Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province in China, is not only renowned for its rich history and deliciously spicy cuisine, but also for its thriving tech industry. As part of our ongoing series on 3D Technology, we have been spotlighting various companies using innovative technology to shape the future. Today, we continue our exploration by looking at companies operating in this sector that call Chengdu their home.

The 3D technology industry encompasses several fields, including gaming, animation, augmented reality, image recognition, public safety, military, simulation, virtual reality, and more. Companies established in Chengdu are not only meeting the demand for these technologies but are also contributing to the progressive technology culture and innovation in the region.

Understanding the scope and contributions of these companies within the industry is crucial to better grasp the growth and advancements being made in 3D tech, especially within China. Here, we will examine ten such companies, providing an overview of their operations and impact.

Jule Game

Founded by Hengda Zhou in 2011, Jule Game offers large-scale 3D engine technology for both traditional and web-based games. With its game “War of The Ancients” garnering attention and praise in 2012, Jule Game has positioned itself as a valuable player in the 3D online gaming industry.

Keke Dou Donghua

Keke Dou Donghua, led by founder Wenzhang Liu, is contributing to the forefront of 3D animation and film. Further information about this company can be found on its LinkedIn page.


Zheng Cheng’s DDD.ONLINE combines augmented reality (AR) and 3D technology to produce digital content, offering an innovative approach to digital marketing and content creation.


iLumintel, co-founded by Bing Zhao, Longjiang Li, Wenbin Liao, and Xiaoli Xiong, is a company pushing the boundaries in the field of 3D technology and image recognition for public safety.

Rong Ao Technology

Specializing in command and control simulation visualization, Rong Ao Technology uses 3D tech to create immersive systems and visualizations for military and civilian applications.

Zhang Wo Wu Xian

Zhang Wo Wu Xian operates within a range of fields encompassing 3D technology, including digital entertainment, gaming, software, and wearable technology.

Sim Show

Established by entrepreneurs Bo Cao, Chao Zheng, and Rong Chen, Sim Show makes significant strides within the 3D tech consumer market, focusing on virtual goods. Learn more about this company at their LinkedIn page.

FIFS Tiaozhao

FIFS Tiaozhao applies 3D technology to the furniture and service industries, possibly reshaping the way furniture designs are conceptualized and realized.


Seehi is a company that utilizes 3D vision technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver solutions for customers in financial payment, consumer electronics, new retail, and other fields.

To conclude, the presence of these companies in Chengdu showcases not only the city’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, but also China’s robust 3D technology industry. Through the innovative use of 3D and other technologies, these companies are shaping their respective fields, impacting lives, commerce, and society in meaningful ways.

Written by Mark Smith

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