Exploring Poznan: Epicenter of Poland’s Pioneering 3D Technology Innovations

The city of Poznan in the Wielkopolskie region of Poland has emerged as a hub for 3D technology companies, with organizations utilizing advanced technology to innovate across various fields. From printing and manufacturing to software and virtual reality, these companies continue to demonstrate the potential and versatility of 3D technology. This article takes a closer look at some of these leading companies and ventures in Poznan.

It is essential to note the influence of 3D technology on different industries. Not only is it revolutionizing the manufacturing process with the help of additive manufacturing, but it also helps to create intricate designs, improve visualization, and reduce production time and costs. Therefore, the various applications of 3D technology are being embraced by companies and industries.

Another key trait of these companies is their innovative outlook. Not limiting themselves to established applications of 3D tech, they are continuously exploring new avenues to apply this technology to traditional processes. This continual push for innovation is propelling the entire 3D technology industry forward.

3D Bistro

Located in Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland, 3D Bistro is an ambitious company in the 3D Printing, 3D Technology, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Manufacturing, and Manufacturing industry. Founded by Michal Rogowski and Michał Topolski, 3D Bistro strives to become a technological franchise supporting the use of additive manufacturing in the industry. The company aims to standardize and integrate various elements of the 3D printing process, enabling truly agile and decentralized manufacturing. For more information, visit their Facebook page.


Lenso is another innovative company based in Poznan, actively working in the field of 3D Technology, Industrial Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. The mission and the description of the company are not given, but for more updates, you can follow them on their Facebook page and on their LinkedIn account.


Founded in 2012 by Piotr Szczechowiak and Tomasz Zernicki, Zylia operates in the 3D Technology, Audio, Digital Media, Hardware, Music, and Outsourcing industries. The company is passionate about developing innovative world-class technologies and turning them into products that can improve the lives of musicians and audio creatives. Their flagship product, ZYLIA ZM-1, is a multi-track 360 microphone acting as a complete recording studio. For more, check out their Facebook page and LinkedIn account.


Nicom is a 3D Technology company based in Poznan that specializes in 3D Printing, CAD, and Software. It is a leader in its field, and although the mission and the bio of the company are not provided, you can learn more about them on their Facebook page or their LinkedIn page.


ProGrupa, located in Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland, operates in the 3D Technology, Internet, Software industry. Although the bio of ProGrupa is not provided, for more information about the company, you can follow them on LinkedIn.

3r Studio

3r Studio, located in Poznan, offers products and services in the fields of 3D Technology, Software, and Virtual Reality. Although the company’s mission and bio are not provided, you can learn more about them from their Facebook page and LinkedIn account. #getink3d is a unique venture that uses 3D Technology in the field of Art and Web Browsers. Founded by Darek Suchan, this company provides a web-based platform that enables its users to share inspirations, the art, and the passion of tattooing, and also provides tattoo studios with tools to help them mark their locations on a map. You can get more updates from their Facebook page.


Operating in Poznan, Wielkopolskie, Poland, Lighthousestudio ventures in the 3D Technology, Creative Agency, Graphic Design, and Manufacturing industries. Although the mission and the description of Lighthousestudio are not provided, you can follow them on Twitter at @lighthousestude to get more updates.


Also based in Poznan, Littlemoon.Studio operates in the 3D Technology, Architecture, and Graphic Design fields. Even though company details are not given, you can follow them on their Facebook page to keep track of their activities.

Written by Mark Smith

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