Reno, Nevada: Innovative Mining Companies Shaping the Future of Industry

Driven by a booming interest in innovative technology and precious metals, Reno, Nevada in the United States has emerged as a hub for companies operating in the Mining industry. This surge reflects a globally increasing demand for Mining technology, Management Information Systems, and Precious Metals. In this article, we explore some forward-thinking businesses making waves in the sector from their home base in Reno.

These companies showcase a delightful blend of advanced mining techniques, sustainable practices, and relentless pursuit of excellence. As pioneers in their respective domain, these entities facilitate an effective, secure, and sustainable future of the mining industry.

From exploration companies, manufacturers of mining technology, to pioneers in battery production, let’s take a look at these groundbreaking companies based in Reno driving the future of mining.

Argonaut Gold

Argonaut Gold is a frontrunner in exploration, mine development, and production activities on gold-bearing properties in Mexico. Founded in 2007, Argonaut Gold’s key assets include various producing and exploration-stage mine projects along the Sonora Mojave Megashear.

Tahoe Resources

Tahoe Resources is a major player in the mining industry. The brainchild of C. Kevin McArthur, Tahoe Resources together with its subsidiaries acquires, explores, develops, and operates mineral properties in the Americas. Boasting major interests across several locations including Peru and Ontario, the company has developed an impressive portfolio since its foundation in 2010.

i-80 Gold

Founded in 2021, i-80 Gold is a Nevada-based mining company that primarily focuses on gold production and development. As a relatively new player in the industry, i-80 Gold has marked its presence with its unique approach and commitment to sustainable mining.

Lahontan Gold Corp

Established in 2020, Lahontan Gold Corp. controls three gold and silver exploration projects. With a forward-thinking approach to exploration, they have quickly established a strong presence in the mining industry.

Klondex Mines

Klondex Mines is dedicated to the integrated production of gold and silver in North Central Nevada. Besides production, the company also sets its eyes on acquiring, exploring, and developing other gold and silver properties in Nevada.

American Battery Technology Company

American Battery Technology Company (ABTC) is more than just a mining company. With a focus on environmental and ethical sourcing of critical battery materials, ABTC is shaping the future of battery technology with its recycling, extraction technologies, and mineral resource development projects.

Desert Hawk Gold Corp

Desert Hawk Gold Corp, founded by Rick Havenstrite, is a mining company that acquires, explores, and develops mineral and metal mining projects. It focuses on producing a variety of metals including gold, silver, copper, and zinc. Desert Hawk Gold Corp is currently engaged in mining and processing gold ore while conducting exploration projects throughout its expansive district.

NuLegacy Gold

NuLegacy Gold Corporation is a gold exploration company focused on discovering significant gold deposits in Nevada. Founded by Dr. Roger Steininger and Albert Matter, NuLegacy Gold is home to a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who are pushing the boundaries of gold mining.

Durango Gold

Durango Gold is a budding gold exploration company searching for the next world-class gold deposit in the Sierra Madre Occidental. Other than its core focus on gold, Durango is also exploring for high-grade mineralization along other vein systems.


Cyanco, a worldwide producer of sodium cyanide, aids its mining customers with a variety of consulting services, laboratory support, and cyanide processing technologies to optimize metal recovery effectively. Proud of its track record in safety, Cyanco is a signatory to the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC), proof of its commitment to managing its impact on the planet.

EP Minerals

Founded by Edgar Conkling and Stephen J. Conkling, EP Minerals is a global producer of engineered materials derived from industrial minerals. These minerals are used in the clarification and purification of liquids, as catalysts, absorbents, and functional additives, by thousands of companies across nearly 100 countries.

Written by Mark Smith

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